Keep your customers safe, go contactless
Now you can reopen your coat check and luggage storage operations with confidence.
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How it works
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Instead of handling claim tickets, collect your customer's information from a safe social distance.
The customer is free to go on their way as their items are tagged, scanned, and photographed.
Once complete, the customer receives a text confirmation. No more paper, and no more lost tickets!
As customers depart, use the search to retrieve their items. It's that easy!

Attract customers with click-through call to action campaigns by personalizing the welcome and thank you messaging.

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Use the storage feature to assign items to different rooms, shelves, and spaces making them easier to find.

Use the action list to streamline communication between staff so customers don't have to wait.


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Developed by world-class engineers with the help of the best bellhops, valet, and coat check attendants in the industry.

"Chexology has given our staff a technology that enables the largest hotel checkrooms in NYC to go ticketless. In the COVID environment, this safety measure is paramount."

Arthur Krystofiak, Owner