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Bell desk

Tools powerful enough to run the largest hotels in the world.

A modern approach

With Chexology, the guest is their claim ticket. Gone are the days of holding onto a little piece of paper to claim valuable luggage, cars, and coats. Provide a modern experience that costs less than paper, is sustainable, faster, and builds trust with your guests.

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Chexology benefits everyone

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Guest experience

  • Paperless

  • Contactless drop & go

  • Added photo security

  • No app to download

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Staff experience

  • Wow-factor service

  • Simple to use

  • Speeds up the process

  • Digital record of inventory

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Leadership experience

  • Environmental & cost savings

  • Real-time insights

  • Proactive calls to action

  • Team performance analytics

How Chexology works in hotels

Chexology creates a digital record of your luggage, packages, coats, and cars. Each transaction directly connects you with your guests through personalized text messages, eliminating the hassle of those tiny paper claim tickets. And best of all, your guests are not required to download anything! Fast. Easy. Affordable. Just like it should be. 

You can dive deeper by clicking here! 

Impact your ROI

Replacing paper with our sustainable solution will improve your bottom line by an average of 20% while creating new opportunities to improve staff performance.

Direct savings

Your first and last impression

Make it count. Stand out with unique communications.


Eliminate employee burnout

Chexology allows hotels to identify peak and off-peak periods. This insight helps hotels shift bell desk hours around to assist understaffed teams from burning out. 

Boost your hotel rating 

Hotels jump through hoops to earn their ratings. From having a high staff-to-room ratio, and fluffy robes to offering silverware with heft, everyone is looking for an edge. Implementing Chexology is an easy way to boost a hotel's rating. 


AAA diamond ratings increase thanks to Chexology improving your "advanced guest connective capabilities." 


LEED-certified hotel scores enjoy a 1 to 2-point bump due to reduced paper waste thanks to Chexology. 

“Chexology has given our staff a technology that enables the largest hotels in NYC, like Hilton Midtown, to go ticketless.”

Arthur Krystofiak


Happy clients

"We actually clocked it at a quarter of the time it took us to tag the same amount of bags with our old paper tickets. Plus, paying over 30 cents for each paper ticket just didn’t make sense.“

 Luis Casado
Director of Rooms


"Chexology allows our associates and guests to communicate via mobile devices and prevents the trouble of misplaced claim tickets."

Ash Bhasin


Learn about our partnership with ALICE!


ALICE is an all-in-one platform that streamlines hotel operations and communications, boosts productivity, and increases guest satisfaction. ALICE’s customers include 3-5 star hotels and hotel groups looking to provide exceptional service through mobile staff technology and guest communication channels.

Combine the power of Chexology with ALICE for seamless cross-platform integration.

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