Introducing ChexPass

The Digital Claim Ticket for Apple Wallet and Google Pay

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Tap and Go

Go contactless at the checkroom and dramatically cut down wait times

Reduce drop off times

Reduce pick up times





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ChexPass is the smartest way to check belongings. 

Instead of handing out paper claim tickets, guests can tap their digital claim ticket to a reader.

Passes can be added to Apple Wallet or Google Pay through a QR code or via text.

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A secure contactless experience.

At pickup, guests no longer need to fumble in their pockets for a paper claim ticket, or worse, describe what their item looks like. 


With a single tap, the attendant is able to pull up the guest’s profile and know exactly where to find their items.

Check more items in less time.

With shorter lines at your checkroom, more guests will be encouraged to check items, resulting in additional revenue.

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Create a more engaging guest experience.

Future benefits include self-queuing and express drop-off/pick up VIP options.  Additionally, ChexPass can present several new operational relief and promotion opportunities via passive notifications on locked phone screens.

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“At the end of the night - over an hour wait to get coats from coat check.”

This Yelp review sound familiar? You’re not alone. With ChexPass you’ll be able to:


  • Securely check guest items

  • Dramatically cut wait times 

  • Save costs on paper claim tickets

  • Improve your guest experience

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