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Below are a few helpful tips and tricks to make the most of your paperless coat check system. If you are still having trouble after reviewing the help guides on our website, please feel free to start a live chat with our team or fill out our email form.

Click here to see how the coat check process works.

Improve your Tagging speed


One of the frequent challenges coatroom attendants face is the dreaded long line. Start a check-in by tapping the tag reader vs. touching the screen for faster results. You can also start by tapping a ChexPass instead of the screen.

Home Screen Icons

1 Label.png

Settings - Gear icon at the top left to access application settings.

2 Label.png

Search - Tap here to search for checked-in items

3 Label.png

Action list - View items that are queued to be returned

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Tapping Tags

The magic behind Chexology's reusable tags is that each one comes with a built-in NFC (near-field communicator) chip. This means that every time you tap a new tag on your reader, you are digitally connecting that guest to their checked items.


Returning an item is just as simple. Tap the tag used during their check-in process and close out their transaction. 

Tap Tag.png

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