How does Chexology Work? 

We combine the personal touch of a bespoke hotel with tools powerful enough to manage some of the largest chains in the world.


Chexology digitally archives your incoming and outgoing luggage, packages, and coats, while modernizing your valet service. Each transaction directly connects you with your guests through personalized text messages, eliminating the hassle of those tiny paper claim tickets. And best of all, your guests are not required to download anything! Fast. Easy. Affordable. Just like it should be.

We Play Nice with Your Existing System

Chexology seamlessly connects with your existing Square readers, NFC readers, Alice, and integrates with Apple Wallet and Google Pay. The federal government has also approved Chexology’s use behind TSA checkpoints. 


Chexology Benefits Everyone 


Upon checking in, your guest receives a custom-designed text message directly from you to their phone. Essentially, the guest becomes the claim ticket! There is nothing they need to download or a piece of paper to hold on to. Each guest enjoys a contactless and environmentally friendly experience.


We designed Chexology to be simple to use. The software mirrors your team's existing check-in process allowing seamless adoption. Luggage and packages are digitally cataloged using NFC tags, making retrieving items a breeze. When Square readers are enabled, employees see more frequent tipping.


Chexology offers powerful tools to manage your hotel at a glance. You can create personalized text messages to spark a conversation with your guest or entice visitors with promotional ads. You’ll also unlock insightful analytics to monitor peak hours, volume, and guest habits. 

What Hotels Say About Us

William Baez, Manager

“Getting rid of paper makes the process better for both our team and guests. As a data-driven decision-maker, having insights into team performance and demand helps us staff smarter and save on our bottom-line.”


Jeffrey Ney, FOM

“We love how easy it is to use. It beats our paper costs and provides a better experience for our guests.”​

​Vaughn Davis, General Manager.png

Vaughn Davis, GM

“Staying on top of technology trends that help us exceed our guests' expectations is more vital than ever. Chexology provides a cost-effective, innovative solution that allows us to ensure luggage security for our guests.”


Alan Di Leo, HM

“Technology is ever-changing hospitality. Now we know where luggage is located and don’t have the difficulty of looking for a ticket. It’s a seamless process for our guests and staff.”​


Chexology is a digital tool designed to assist your team in creating an elevated guest experience. Our service does not replace your valued employees. Your hotel check-in and check-out process will always require that human touch.

We Eliminate Paper, Not People

We Pride Ourselves on Our Tech Support!

We have a friendly team of tech experts who have been in your shoes. We work tirelessly to ensure each and every client feels comfortable with our platform. No question is off-limits! We’ll walk you through the process and stay on the phone with you until you get the support your need. 


Marianne Nichols

Head of Hospitality Sales

M: 914.572.5432

How Can We Grow With You? 

We owe a great deal of our success to carefully listening to people like you. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience with Chexology, we encourage you to share your feedback with us! We want to make each and every business out there thrive with our tools. 


Where do you want to take Chexology next?