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Chexology support
Phone number screen help

Simultaneous Line busting

Did you know that you can continue tapping tags and hanging coats while customers enter their phone numbers? This simultaneous process is what allows you to bust lines. Racing your customers through these steps benefits both you and your customers. 

check_in_final ( (1).gif

No phone number? No problem!

From time to time, a customer may not have their phone handy or feel uncomfortable using their phone number as their claim number. In these situations, the customer can create a personalized 4-digit PIN, shown below. 

4 Pin Giffy.gif

Changing country code with ease

Chexology can be used by anyone, no matter where you call home. To change phone number area codes, tap the flag drop-down menu and select the associated country with that customer's region. Simple!


It's important to note that texts will go out, but they may cost more. 


Still need help?

Send us an email at if you need support.

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