Chexology luggage check pricing

Most hotels are spending too much on paper luggage tickets with zero ROI. Paper is outdated, lacks personalization, provides no insights, and accumulates waste. It’s not your fault, it’s just how things have been done until now. Become an innovative brand by eliminating the paper claim ticket and saving up to 40% on bell service costs.

Pay less, get more. What’s the catch?

It would seem if you’re paying less for a digital replacement of the paper claim ticket, you’re probably getting less in return, right? Not so. And here’s why…

For less than the cost you’re paying for your current paper tickets, Chexology empowers you to step into the future with an easy, digital ticketing process. Plus, get the intelligence you need to optimize staff performance and scheduling. And with personalized promotions you can drive more revenue for your property.


Savings and ROI calculator

ROI goes beyond just beating direct paper costs. With plans that optimize staff performance and scheduling as well as delivering personalized marketing communications that drive more revenue, you’ll save money on day one.

For a custom ROI analysis for your property, talk with our sales team.


Simple, flexible pricing options

Payment options

Monthly, quarterly, annually to work with your revenue cycle.

Volume discounts

Discounts trigger as your usage grows, so you always get a fair price.

Committed use savings

Talk with our sales team for access to deeper discounts when you commit to long-term usage.

Every hotel has unique needs and circumstances that will impact the overall pricing. Contact us for a detailed proposal customized to your property.