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Square integration guide

Introducing Square Integration

With iOS update 1.0.45 Chexology offers seamless Square integration. Say goodbye to flipping back and forth between separate apps when collecting payment. Enjoy the convenience of a faster integration all within the Chexology app. Let’s get started! 

Activating Square Integration

There are two steps to activate your Square integration: 

1 Label.png

There are two steps to activate your Square integration: 

2 Label.png

Connect the square reader through your Chexology app. (version 1.0.45 or newer)

Important note:

You may need to disconnect the square reader from the square app to get it to connect in the Chex app.

Let’s walk you through these steps in greater detail. 

Turn on your location services within Square 

1 Label.png

Login to your Square account.

2 Label.png

Go to the “Integrations” section on the Square customer dashboard (shown below).

1 (1).png
3 Label.png

Next, click, “Connect Square Account.”

4 Label.png

For your final step, you will be prompted to log into a square account and choose the “Square location” that you would like to link to your Chexology location. 

Once connected it will look like this:  


Connect your Square reader to Chexology

1 Label.png

First, wake your iPad and open your Chexology app. Within your Chexology app, tap the “Settings-Payments tab”

2 Label.png

Select “Enable Square Payments." Then tap on “Configure Square Reader” and follow on screen instructions to complete the setup.

Term 2.png
4.jpeg (2).jpg

Still need help?

Send us an email at if you need support.

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