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Dispatch User Guide

Admin Settings

To benefit from the dispatch functionality, the dispatch setting must be enabled in the admin settings. 

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User Roles

Team Owner

Any user that requires the ability to assign an action to anyone other than themselves will need to have the “Can assign items to others” permission enabled in their user profile.

Owners can access the mobile Chexology app and the Dashboard, accessible through a web browser. The Dashboard controls users, items, pricing, and reporting.

User Permission

Any user role can be assigned the following user permission.

Can assign items to others:

Any user that requires the ability to assign an action to anyone other than themselves will need to have the “Can assign items to others” permission enabled in their user profile. 

1 Label.png

Go to staff

2 Label.png

Select user

3 Label.png

Check the box for “Can assign items to others.”

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Actions - What are they?

Chexology allows you to create actions that are added to the Action List.  An action is a task that needs to be executed, such as delivering or returning a checked item.  More options are coming soon.


Each action has items associated with it, a destination, and an assignee.  You can see what state an action is in and how long it has been since the action was requested. This allows you to have insights into what actions need to take priority and how long a customer has been waiting for their items.

Creating an Action

*If a user does not have assignment permissions, tapping the start button will create an action and add it to the Action List assigned to them.


An orange bar on the right side of the exchange card indicates there is already an action associated with that exchange. If you see this, tap the card to show more details about the actions that have already been created to avoid duplicates.

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Assign Action 2 PM.png

Specify the destination and any notes.

Dispatcher User Guide Tag Mock.png

Tap queue to Queue an action

Assign Action 3 PM.png

Choose an assignee

Assign Action 1 PM.png

Select the items to be included in the action.

Customer Details PM.png

Pro Tip: You can also create an action from the Customer Details section.

Edit an Action

Update field or assignee

Edit action mock.png

Tap on the action in the Action List or tap “view action from the customer profile page.”

Action Details Edit Action.png

Tap “Edit Action.” 

This will take you to the action screen and allow you to make updates to Notes, Destinations, and Assignees.

Action Details Edit Action.png

Pro Tip: If you just want to update the Assignee, you can tap “Reassign.”

Splitting an Action:

Sometimes, items need to be returned by different team members or taken to different places, to do this actions can be split to make it clear who should take what and where!

Edit action mock.png

Tap on the Action.

Action Details Edit Action.png

Select the items to move to a new action and tap split.

Action Flows

Return Label Mock.png

Flags on the action cards indicate the type of action.

Edit action mock.png

After tapping the Start button the button will become the next action (Return or Store).

Return Tag Mock.png

The Assignee taps the button to complete the action.  

Once an Action is assigned, the assignee will have a “Start” button.  

Pressing “Start” indicates that the action is in progress. 

Still need help?

Send us an email at if you need support.

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