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Rent an adventure

Track outbound items by combining our easy-to-use app with the power of reusable tags.


Simple. Secure. Affordable. 

Chexology allows you to rent anything you can think up. From starting your own silent disco company to ruling the Swiss Alps with premium skies, Chexology digitally connects your customers to your gear. 


We make the lending process painless! Chexology allows you to keep track of your outbound items by combining our mobile app with the power of NFC tags. Our rental platform will enable you to rent out more items at a time confidently.


Nike run club

"Bringing in Chexology has really helped evolve our brand, and our run clubs, and innovate in a way that we never have before."


Perri Jacobs,

Brand Marketing

Events Manager

Chexology benefits everyone

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Guest experience

  • Paperless

  • Contactless drop & go

  • Added photo security

  • No app to download

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Staff experience

  • Wow-factor service

  • Simple to use

  • Speeds up the process

  • Digital record of inventory

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Leadership experience

  • Ability for card holds

  • Real-time insights

  • Proactive calls to action

  • Team performance analytics

Chexology in the wild

Digital lending made simple

The lending process can be the most stressful part of an event: keeping track of IDs, customers not returning items, and not to mention how slow the process goes. Chexology eliminates all of this by combining trackable NFC tags or stickers with the simplicity of our iOS app. 


We play nice with your existing software

Chexology allows you to put a hold on your customer's credit cards when integrated with Stripe. You can also grant tips to staff when combined with your Venmo account.


Create a proactive call to action

Deliver confirmations, share links, surveys, invitations to your social media channels, and send alerts to return overdue items. 


Chexology allows AMEX card members to rent portable phone chargers during the US Open.


Gain access to real-time reporting. See which items are outstanding and quickly send a message to your guest to get them back.

Insightful reports

Happy clients

"What's best about Chexology is that at the end of the night, it's literally dropping your headphones and leaving because we don't have to worry about anything."

Will Petz, Owner


"Using Chexology at our Nike events created a smooth rental process getting customers through the line quickly and providing tracking for the products being trialed."

Heath McCall, Group Account Director

The possibilities are endless

Combine our simple-to-use iOS app with any combination of NFC-enabled magic tags.

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Sticker tags

Lend out any product you can hide a sticker on. Our NFC stickers are the size of a nickel. 



Hanger tags

Not only can you lend things out, but you can also hold personal items for your customers while they enjoy their experience.


Bulk item tags

Our matte-finish NFC tags can be attached to anything, thanks to durable rubber bands.

Chexology rental service tee time golf rental hawaii.jpg

Hawaii Tee Times takes advantage of Chexology by renting golf clubs to golf lovers.


How will you use Chexology?

We love it when companies reach out to us with their creative ideas on how they could use our platform. Our team is always happy to help you think up new solutions. 

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