How One Coat Sparked a Global Multi-Million Dollar Tech Company

In 2010, Derek Pacqué went into his neighborhood bar and lost his coat. Frustrated, he approached the bar owner and asked why they didn't offer their patrons a coat check service during these frigid Indiana months. As he listened to the owner describe the operational and financial challenges of implementing such a service, a lightbulb went off in Derek's head. 


Derek returned a week later, having designed a custom pop-up coat check service, addressing the owner's needs. The owner was so impressed that he welcomed Derek to test his new concept out at their other locations.


Within months, Derek's coat check service had expanded from one bar into numerous taprooms and nightclubs. Trying to maintain this growing enterprise, Derek had another breakthrough idea, "What if you were your claim ticket?"


Derek designed a patented software for tablets and smartphones to do just that. The simple-to-use application snapped a photo of the guest and paired them with their phone number, making each person the claim ticket. The software service proved to be a massive win for both businesses and their customers alike.


In 2012, Derek debuted his coat check system (formally known as CoatChex) during ABC's Shark Tank. During the nationally televised show, Derek came head-to-head with Mark Cuban as the two negotiated over shares in the company. Derek and his business partner would eventually turn down Mr. Cuban's gracious offer. However, the exposure the company received from the show was immeasurable, launching the platform into markets worldwide. Each year thousands of Shark Tank fans flock to our website to say "Hello!" and share their stories about using Chexology while out on their adventures. 

Today, we owe a great deal of our success to carefully listening to people like you!


We've had the pleasure of tackling colossal hospitality challenges for institutions like the Museum of Modern Art, Hilton, Nike, The US Open, Barclay's Center, House of Blues, The Bowery Presents, Webster Hall, Javits Center, Sheraton, Live Nation, and we're just getting started. 

Chexology has expanded into other industries too! Utilizing the same application, the software digitally checks luggage for bellhops, archives incoming packages for conventions, and simplifies rentals. Chexology is even in the process of modernizing the valet experience. The possibilities for future applications are endless. 


While we may never solve the mystery behind Derek's lost coat, we are so grateful for his mishap. That missing coat is what brought all of us here at Chexology together. Each day, we pour our passion, life experience, and creativity into building meaningful software that enriches people's lives all over the world. But our story is not finished! 

Where will you take Chexology next?

Join us in our mission to eliminate the paper claim ticket and do good for our world.

Doing our part to impact the planet

At Chexology, we are dedicated to eliminating the paper claim ticket - not simply because it’s inefficient, untrustworthy, and outdated - but because we believe that we all have a responsibility to leave our planet better than we found it. We are committed to sustainability and providing eco-friendly solutions for our customers.

Plant a tree - join us as we eliminate the paper claim ticket

Throughout 2021, Chexology is partnering with One Tree Planted to plant one tree for every new customer this year. When you become a part of our family of users across the world, we work with One Tree Planted to plant a tree and do good for our planet.

Trees are essential to the health of our planet, biodiversity, and reducing the harmful effects of climate change. Reforestation is consistently identified by scientists as one of the top solutions to the climate crisis and the trees planted as part of this initiative will support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


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