Reinvent what hospitality looks like

Make luggage check a memorable experience, not just a transaction.

“Getting rid of paper makes the process better for both our team and guests. As a data-driven decision maker, having insights into team performance and demand helps us staff smarter and save on our bottom-line.”

William Baez, Hotel Manager

“We love how easy it is to use. It beats our paper costs and provides a better experience for our guests.”

Jeffrey Ney, Front Office Manager


“Staying on top of technology trends that help us exceed our guests' expectations is more vital than ever. Chexology provides a cost effective, innovative solution that allows us to ensure luggage security for our guests.”

Vaughn Davis, General Manager


The digital luggage claim ticket

Many hotels promise guests an elevated experience yet still expect them to keep track of a paper claim ticket. Chexology empowers you to elevate these crucial touchpoints with an easy, digital process so you give your guests a visit to remember.

  • Quickly associate guest reservations to belongings without writing on paper. Save guests and staff time.

  • Allow guests to continue on their way while bellman scans reusable tags to capture pictures of the belongings for secure, trustworthy luggage storage.

  • Once complete, the guest receives a branded and personalized text confirmation with their claim number serving as their digital claim ticket. No more need to hang onto a paper ticket.


Claim ticket technology you can trust that outperforms paper

Ditch the paper ticket and step into the future

Analytics for hotel cost savings

Staffing is one of your biggest line items. Unlike with paper, Chexology gives you the intelligence you need by providing data on key trends in guest habits and staff performance. With shift insights, hotel managers can free up time, identify top and poor performers, and save up to 30% off staffing costs. All while beating service KPIs.

Personalize guest communications

The days of guests losing claim tickets or needing to pick up the phone are over. You can proactively send guests digital claim tickets, delivery confirmations, and leftover reminders via text or your app. And, with personalized messaging, deliver promotions and call-to-actions that drive more revenue.

Improve guest satisfaction

When it comes to improving your guest satisfaction, it’s often the small touchpoints that make the difference. Yet, you’re still using a decades-old, outdated process for the crucial first and last touchpoints with a guest. Make it memorable and increase satisfaction.
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Eco-friendly solution for hotels

You probably don’t think about the waste created by the paper tickets you use today, but that overflowing wastebasket of half-used tickets tells a different story. When you go digital, you commit to a green, eco-friendly solution for your hotel.
Chexology and One Tree Planted

Streamline bell staff duties

Stay compliant with union guidelines


Use the action list to balance assigned tasks and streamline coordination between staff.


Use the storage feature to assign items to different rooms, shelves, and spaces making them easier to find.


Assign the same tag number to multiple items on a single profile. No more tagging individual items or stickers.


No more lost claim tickets or searching for luggage at guest pick-up. Just search to return belongings.


For more details about features and benefits, download the luggage check product brochure. 

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Step into the future

Chexology empowers you with an easy digital ticketing process so you give your guests a visit to remember.

  • First, we’ll work with you to understand your process.


  • Then, we’ll provide solutions to address your specific pain points.


  • And provide a pricing plan that brings ROI for you.