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Move your business to the front of the line

Experience shorter lines, a digitized record of items, and insightful analytics.

Technology that outperforms paper

With Chexology, the customer is their claim ticket. Gone are the days of slow lines caused by easy-to-lose paper tickets. Provide a faster, modern experience, build customer trust, and improve your bottom line. From neighborhood concert halls, and museums, to stadiums, Chexology moves crowds.

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Chexology benefits everyone

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Guest experience

  • Shorter lines

  • Added photo security

  • Paperless

  • No app to download

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Staff experience

  • Wow-factor service

  • Simple to use

  • Speeds up the process

  • Back in control

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Leadership experience

  • Stress-free profits

  • Claim and leftover reduction

  • Calls to action messaging

  • Team performance analytics

Added photo security

Each transaction simultaneously snaps a quick photo of the customers' items and the customer (optional). This simultaneous action ensures staff return items to their rightful owners and adds a layer of documented security for your business. 


Left behind peace of mind



Chexology has conveniently created a text message alert feature that notifies anyone who happens to leave your establishment without their personal belongings. It makes returning items a breeze for both you and your customers.

  • No more returning next day voice messages

  • No more wondering who the owner is

  • No more bursting Lost & Found bins


Erase the line

During arrival, the speed of our system is unmatched. Our interface allows the coat checker and customer to complete steps simultaneously for max efficiency. 

Now with ChexPass, customers "tap and go!" We are the claim ticket for Apple Wallet and Google Pay!

Learn how our iOS app is faster than your existing paper system by clicking here! 

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Line busting technology

During mass exodus, customers are digitally queued into your action list. Their belongings magically await them as they approach the counter!

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Proactive calls to action

Text messaging is an excellent opportunity to connect with customers in a new and exciting way. They are your customers' first and last impressions. Make them count!


A system so artfully designed that some of our clients put us in museums!

“One month in, [we] set a new attendance record and had no lines! It was an extraordinary turnaround.”

Danny P. 

Director of Security

@ a modern art museum


Gain access to real-time reporting. Chexology enables you to do blind drops when cash skimming is suspected. 

Insightful reports

We play nice with your existing software

Chexology allows you to grant credit card tips to staff when combined with Square accounts. 


"Our coat check revenue increased by 10%, and we shaved 15 minutes off of getting everyone out of the building."

Frank Brayer
VP of Finance

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Happy clients

“Our coat check lines used to be 45 minutes on sold-out nights. Now, it’s under 10, thanks to Chexology.”

Jason Nichols
VP of Operations


“Our customers are happier, and our coat check profits went up by 20%! Finally, our coat check headaches are gone.”

Hal Gould
VP of Operations


Chexology in the wild

Opening in 1886, Webster Hall has become one of New York City's most historically significant theaters. Hear how Chexology helps them shuffle 1,000 concert-goers in and out with ease. 

VP of Concerts, Webster Hall

Heather Miller

In eliminating the coat check claim ticket through a text message, Chexology transforms coat checking into an efficient, trustworthy, interactive, and first-in-class experience at Barclays Center.

Senior VP, BSE Global

Josh Pruss

Slate is an "all-in-one" venue... nightclub, restaurant, bar, and private event space with entertainment/games such as karaoke, pool, ping-pong, bowling and more. See how Chexology's digital coat check system works at this adult playground.

GM , The Lure Group

Victor Andrade


We pride ourselves on our support

We have a friendly team of experts who have been in your shoes. We work tirelessly to ensure that each client feels comfortable with our platform. No question is off-limits! We’ll walk you through the process and troubleshoot any issues you are experiencing. 

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Get in touch

We cater each solution to your unique service offerings. First, we learn about your existing pain points & desired process. Then, we demo feature options and collaborate on the best solution. Finally, we present volume plans with your selected features showcasing ROI.

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