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A modern
valet experience

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No more lost tickets

Chexology connects your valet service directly to your customer's car. Thanks to our paperless system, your customer is their claim ticket. And best of all, they are not required to download anything! Fast. Convenient. Affordable. 

Learn how our iOS is faster than your existing paper tickets by clicking here!

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  • Modern experience

  • Added photo security

  • No app to download

  • Paperless

Guest experience

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  • Wow-factor service

  • Simple to use

  • Speeds up the process

  • Digitally monitor inventory 

Staff experience

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  • Stress-free profits

  • Photo records for any claims

  • Calls to action messaging

  • Team performance analytics

Leadership experience

Chexology benefits everyone

Added photo security

Why write down the vehicle's model, color, and condition? Simply snap a photo of the car and open the door. Chexology allows you to revisit the image when retrieving vehicles or disputing unfortunate damage claims. 

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Speed that won't get you a ticket

During arrival, the speed of our system is unmatched. Our interface allows your valet team to check in vehicles quickly, thanks to our handy smartphone app. No more fumbling for paper tickets and writing down info for each customer. 

Action list

During departure, customers are digitally queued into your action list. Their cars magically await them as they approach the curb!

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A strong first and last impression

Our iOS app lets you connect directly with your customers through personalized text messages.


"Thank you all very kindly for your continued attention and effort. This partnership has been a massive addition to our operation." 


Joe Downing

Valet Captain


Insightful reports

Gain access to real-time reporting. Chexology also seamlessly integrates with your ALICE and Square accounts. 

Elevate your service to the next level

With ALICE, customers can text your team when they are ready for their car or if they forgot their jacket in the backseat and would like valet to retrieve it. When ALICE is combined with Chexology, we can pull customer information and pre-fill profiles from reservations to give that added personal touch. 

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