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Is Chexology’s iOS app faster than paper claim tickets?

The answer is 100% YES! Every business wants its customers to enjoy fast service. Chexology provides that, along with a myriad of benefits and features, for about the exact cost you're currently paying for paper tickets.

Chexology will speed up your bell desk, valet service, rentals, and nightclub coatroom. The bigger your line, the more significant our product's improvement will be. With a no-pressure video call, we will listen to how your current system operates and your goals, and then our friendly team will walk you through exactly how you can achieve faster wait times. But don't take our word for it!


“Our coat check lines used to be 45 minutes on sold-out nights. Now, it’s under 10, thanks to Chexology.” ~ Jason Nichols, VP of Operations at BNEG


“One month in, [we] set a new attendance record and had no lines! It was an extraordinary turnaround.” ~ Daniel Platt, Director of Security at a modern art museum in New York


"We actually clocked it at a quarter of the time it took us to tag the same amount of bags with our old paper tickets." ~ Luis Casado, director of rooms at SLS Brickell Miami

Silent disco

“When we first started out, customers would give us an ID, and we would give them a little piece of paper with a number on it. That process wasn’t ideal. At the end of the night, we had a thousand people running to get their ideas. "When Chexology came into play, that all went out the door! Things got a lot quicker. Now, they just drop it off and can go home. So we’re able to manage and scale to thousands of people with no worries.” ~ Will Petz, CEO of Quiet Events

How does Chexology accomplish this proficiency?

Going digital is much faster than the old-fashioned paper claim tickets of yesteryear. Not only are paper tickets a thing of the past, but Chexology's ticketless system is becoming the new norm.

By doing years of research and field testing in a multitude of industries, we have refined our iOS app to accommodate a simultaneous process that is smooth for both your team and your customers.

See Chexology's coatroom speed for yourself:

With paper, your staff is often required to write down information the ticket. During rushes, that handwriting tends to get sloppier and sloppier, making notes and customer details worthless. Paper also contributes to human error, being misplaced, or dropped on the floor for someone else to calm another person's valuables. These unfortunate examples do happen, slowing down efficiency and leading to unhappy customers.

Chexology's iOS app streamlines this check-in and checkout process. Paper steps are measured in seconds, while digital transactions take milliseconds. With a few taps of the screen, the customer's profile and belongings are quickly added to your inventory.

No more lost tickets. No more mixed-up ticket numbers. No more illegible handwriting. No more customer errors. The right belongs get returned to the right customer.


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