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Why does Chexology not include pricing on its website?

“Why don’t you include pricing on your website?”

It’s a common question and a fair one. We can assure you it is not because our product is expensive – quite the opposite in fact! We designed Chexology to compete with your existing paper ticket costs.

In short, we do not include pricing on our website because our clientele is so diverse that it is impossible to offer a straightforward pricing model. As you can imagine, the volume of a corporate hotel chain packaging multiple services across multiple locations will have quite a different pricing structure than that of a DJ who rents out silent disco headsets on the weekend. From one-time events and side hustles to some of the largest concert venues in the world, Chexology is a powerful tool designed to work for everyone!

What’s the easiest way to get a quote?

The easiest way to get you a quote is to jump on a call with our friendly team.

We make calls easy for interested parties. There is no pressure; we let our product speak for itself. If you have questions, we’ll address them. If you have challenges with your business, we’ll troubleshoot them.

The two most common surprises we witness during demo calls are that it’s more affordable than clients had thought and how fast our system is in person compared to their existing paper process.

Here are four questions we might inquire about your business:

  1. What does your current process look like?

  2. What’s your typical annual volume?

  3. Do you want to check items or lend items out?

  4. What is the maximum number you’d like to check at once?

With a basic understanding of your current setup and size, we can set you up for success with the appropriate volume plan, along with sharing advice from similar businesses that take advantage of our system the way you’re interested in doing it.

Feel free to click the “Get started” button on our menu or hit the chat button to get the ball rolling!


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