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Four Hotel Brands Sign on with Chexology to Eliminate Paper Claim Tickets

Chexology's software eliminates paper claim tickets associated with coat check, bell desk, rental, and valet services.

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In the last few months, Chexology has landed some big, new clients in the world of luxury and sustainable hotels. With brands like Pendry Hotels & Resorts, SLS Hotels & Residences, Aman Resorts, and Auberge Resorts Collection jumping onboard, the tech company offers a genuinely refreshing concept to the hospitality industry: replacing paper-based systems for bell desks and valet operators.

"With Chexology, the guest is their claim ticket," said Derek Pacqué, founder and CEO of Chexology. "Our platform is paperless, sustainable, and costs less than the claim tickets hotels are already buying. Guests give their names and go; they don't need to download anything. It elevates their whole experience."

Client feedback is the driving force for Chexology's success.

Ash Bhasin, general manager of Pendry Manhattan West, shared, "We are always looking for new and innovative ways to interact with our guests that take transactional moments and replace them with more personalized ones. Chexology allows our associates and guests to communicate via mobile devices and prevents the trouble of misplaced claim tickets."

"The biggest reason we switched was for the environmental impact," said Luis Casado, director of rooms at SLS Brickell Miami. "Another reason was the overall ease of it, and you don't have to write everything out multiple times. We actually clocked it at a quarter of the time it took us to tag the same amount of bags with our old paper tickets. Plus, paying over 30 cents for each of those paper tickets just didn't make sense, so the savings in comparison made the decision that much simpler. "

Chexology is also helping hotels solve the industry's current staff shortage. According to a new American Hotel & Lodging Association survey, 58% of hotels rank their staff shortage as the most significant challenge.

"Our product allows hotels to track their busiest times, and leadership can take advantage of that data and adjust staff needs for peak and off-peak periods," said Derek. "This allows them to shift hours around to help understaffed teams focus on handling increased duties while keeping them from burning out. Employee retention is vital in our industry right now."

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