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What happens in Vegas...

The last few days have been spent on-site at the newest downtown Las Vegas hotel, Circa Resort & Casino. What a gorgeous property and the team here is top-notch. From the high-tech experience, to king beds in every room, to the friendly staff, this is a premium property. Kudos to the management team including Will Baez, Jennifer Moullet, and Jack Nazarian at Circa.

The hotel has experienced high volumes of occupancy over the last few weeks - including a few sold out nights. Vegas is certainly on its way back! Many I’ve spoken to energetically anticipate that the return of conventions in May/June will solidify a “return”.

This week, we’ve been shooting footage to use in the promotion of Chexology’s luggage check application - capturing real life use of the app by the Circa team to check luggage and digitally communicate with guests. In fact, I’m writing this blog from one of the set locations, 8 East. The amazing team at Blockhouse Studios has rocked it out this week with all of the detailed video capture.

It’s been a great experience to interact with our users and watch them use the application. It’s also been fun to watch the guests react when the bell team doesn’t have a paper ticket to hand them and instead says “you’ll receive your confirmation and ticket number via text”. Talk about a ‘WOW!’ moment!

Recently, we’ve put out a release for the Circa team with integration to ALICE that allows for the guest reservation information to pull directly into the Chexology app. This has significantly increased the speed for the bell team as they greet a guest and collect their luggage. “That’s amazing!”, “A game-changer” we’ve heard from the team here. That functionality will soon be available to all of our customers who have ALICE. You’ll hear more about that in the coming weeks. And we’ll be working on additional integrations in order to continue to make the process easier in the coming months. Are there any specific integrations you'd like to see? We'd love your feedback - feel free to comment below.

Chexology’s CEO Derek Pacqué spent a lot of time with the bell team at Circa previously and this week learning from them, listening to their feedback, and then interfacing with our engineering team. Everyone worked hard to get updates to the team to improve performance in a matter of hours!

They say “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. But in our case, much of our learnings that fuel our product for all of our customers come straight from the mouth of our users here in Las Vegas. So maybe better to say… “What happens in Vegas, DOESN’T stay in Vegas”!


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