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Podcast interview: HospitalityMD

Recently, Chexology CEO Derek Pacqué was a guest on the HospitalityMD podcast. Derek our mission to eliminate the paper claim ticket and how we've pivoted our business during the pandemic to support the hotel and hospitality industry.

Creating contactless hospitality software was something the team at Chexology worked very hard to update. It is important to the company that everyone feels they can go back to work safely during COVID. Derek dives more into this during the interview.

You can check it out wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Links below for quick access.

Access the Apple Podcast

Access the Spotify Podcast

Hospitality MD's Mission

HospitalityMD exists to reform how progressive hospitality is approached. With nearly 20 years of combined hotel operations experience from our co-founders, Hospitality M.D. is driven to revolutionize the hospitality industry with an insider’s approach. Gone are the days of unapproachable management from the guys who manage from the peripheral. We believe the responsibilities of managing a hotel extend beyond, well, management. We choose personalization over procedure, radical authenticity over corporate indifference. Our impact lives in our unapologetic belief that hospitality thrives in learned experience.

HospitalityMD drives results by valuing a hospitality-first approach in all levels of management. Team leaders weave their unique voice and experience in hotels into a shared familiarity enjoyed by each and every guest. Our results are dotted by moments of real connection between staff and guests, and encouraged by the trust between operations management and the guest service team.

We reject the practice of managing from afar. Experience is our best asset, executed through unconditional hospitality.


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