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Hotel technology that actually works

Hotels understand the importance of innovation to elevate the guest experience. Today’s sophisticated, savvy travelers expect the best when they check-in.

Yet, the luggage check-in process is the guest’s first interaction with the hotel, and it is neither innovative nor savvy. It lacks personalization and dilutes a guest's satisfaction.

Chexology empowers hotels to elevate these crucial touchpoints with an easy digital process so they can give each guest an unforgettable experience.

The manual process takes more time, holding up hotel staff and guests.

Using Chexology’s digital claim ticketing system, instead of manually writing guest information, the app quickly associates guest reservations to their belongings and the guest is on their way.

The bellhop captures pictures of the belongings for secure, trustworthy luggage storage.

And because the guest's claim number comes to them via a text message, they aren’t worried about keeping track of their paper claim ticket and instead focus on enjoying their stay.

When guests are expected to hang on to a luggage ticket and entrust the hotel with their personal items, it erodes their trust. Unfortunately, guests lose or misplace their bellhop tickets all the time. And when the ticket goes missing, everyone is frustrated. You're losing time and money.

With Chexology’s digital claim ticketing system, guest names are searched, and items are returned quickly.

You get a streamlined luggage storage process and no more overflowing wastebasket of expensive, half-used tickets.

Just satisfied guests who get to enjoy their stay stress-free.

We understand how many high-end hotels and resorts like yours don’t want to feel outdated or behind the curve. Delivering an exceptional guest experience is your competitive advantage and is crucial to your success. Now more than ever.

Chexology empowers you to step into the future with an easy digital process, so you give your guests a visit to remember.


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