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Ski resorts are abandoning paper tickets: The future of hassle-free ski valet

Chexology is transforming ski resorts with a ticketless ski valet system that eliminates the hassle of soggy tickets and lost gear. Text, ski, repeat.

Chexology offeres a modern paperless ski valet experience

Chexology is carving a fresh path through ski resort country thanks to a truly unique ticketless ski and snowboard valet system. The contactless guest experience eliminates soggy paper tickets, long waits, and misplaced gear. For ski resorts, it means everyone on the team can see what’s going on in real-time, a smoother operation, and powerful analytics. The best part is that Chexology is even cheaper than ordering paper tickets each year. So how is this possible?

Over the years, Chexology has developed a consultative advantage as its niche expertise and knowledge base grew. From reducing mass exodus wait times at large concert venues like Live Nation, designing text message marketing approaches for immersive experiences for Nike, to conveniently capturing photos of car damage before parking a guest’s vehicle to protect valet teams, saving hotels revenue from inaccurate claims, the system is designed to handle it all. Because of this, Chexology has become a process improver, system builder, and data aggregator across hundreds of operations, both large and small. Now, Chexology is seeking ski resorts who are early adopters of hospitality tech and help us shape the future of ski valet.

Let’s walk through how Chexology’s ticketless ski resort check-in system works and highlight a few key features. 

See our ticketless ski valet demo in action!

How does contactless ski valet work?

The beauty of Chexology’s text ‘n go ski valet solution is that it is a staff-based app where your guests can identify themselves. In a nutshell, three elements work in harmony to create this ticketless white glove service. 

ski valet #1

Chexology designed an iOS app that runs on an iPhone or iPad. This app acts as your home base, allowing your team to see everything coming in and going out. You can view your guest's reservations from the app and use that information to hold skis, snowboards, and golf bags, or to lend out items like rental skis or snowshoes.

ski valet #2

Whether you're holding or lending items, Chexology keeps track of everything through scannable labels for guest equipment, and storage location stickers that take advantage of NFC (Near-field communication) chips. Each waterproof label is quickly scannable by your iPad or iPhone, connecting back to Chexology’s app, allowing resorts to track any number of items simultaneously. 

Ski valet #3

Guest text messaging is the last element that ties the whole experience together. As your guests check in and out their items, they receive a personalized text message with their claim number. Guests will receive a friendly text message when they first check in and again when they check out. Chexology will even allow ski lodges to send an alert text at the end of the event if a guest forgets to return for their belongings. With Chexology, nothing gets left behind. 

Ski resort improve guest experience and managment paperless, contactless, faster, more cost effective way to check skis and snowboards

The guest experience: Text, ski, repeat.

Resort guests love Chexology’s ticketless experience because they are their claim ticket! It provides a modern first and last touchpoint that delivers an immersive experience, improving online reviews. It’s the best way to have your skis and snowboard delivered. 

When guests arrive, they check in their skis or snowboards, answer a few simple questions, and receive a personalized text confirmation with their claim number. There’s no annoying app download and no wet paper ticket to hold onto. If your resort is already utilizing the power of Alice by Actable, your guests have the option to text back and forth with your team to schedule pick-ups, drop offs, or even room retrievals. 

The ski resort experience: Organized, fast, affordable.

Chexology started the “old-fashioned way” as attendants, using claim tickets and dated systems that were not designed for speed or seasonal changes in demand. Because of this, Chexology prioritized a system that focused on improving the staff’s workflow, efficiency, and happiness. Chexology accomplished this by achieving the following goals: 

  • Creating a simple interface for easy team adoption 

  • Organizing an unlimited number of checked items 

  • Eliminating steps to speed up the guest experience

  • Allowing items to be found quickly from anywhere 

  • Offering the entire team real-time visibility 

  • Capturing photos to curb theft or misplaced items

  • Generating daily workload reports to identify understaffed periods and prevent team burnout or poor guest service

Insightful ski resort managment tools for ski valet teams

Powerful hospitality management technology 

Chexology provides relevant data and colorful daily reports. For the first time, your resort management team can go beyond the paper ticket and see how your staff performs at a granular level. In short, you can ensure that each guest interaction receives five-star hospitality and flag experiences that lag behind your standards. This is because Chexology works with each resort to design a custom roadmap to level up the guest experience.

Chexology’s daily reporting and dashboard log all guest interactions, notifying management of workload trends to help your team schedule more accurately. Insightful graphs illustrate team members' workloads throughout the day, providing crystal-clear insights into staff performance and actions that can be taken to improve standards.

Chexology (or CoatChex) allows ski resorts to valet all their items in once place

Everything in one place

Chexology tracks all of your items in one place, making it perfect for large resorts. It integrates your valet service, tee times, luggage delivery, and package holding with convenient text confirmation on the guest side and a clean archive of all of your interactions on the management side. You can even use Chexology to organize your lost and found bin! 

How can we help streamline the ski resort process at your resort? We'd love to hear from you!


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