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What is the future of hospitality technology? Chexology’s paperless bell desk system 

Chexology's seamless dispatch integration transforms hotel operations with real-time tracking, workload distribution, and powerful daily reports!

Five key takeaways

  1. Real-time hotel operational visibility

  2. Efficient hospitality task management

  3. Insightful bell team and valet performance analytics

  4. Enhanced hotel guest communication and experience

  5. Paperless technology paving the eco-friendly hospitality

For the first time, everyone on your hotel team can see what’s going on in real-time. By eliminating the paper luggage ticket and bringing Chexology’s service to your team's mobile device, hotels can now efficiently pass tasks between teams, accelerate deliveries, and gain insights into why services exceed or fall short of your standard. Chexology’s technology is shaping the future of hospitality, one hospitality team at a time. 

The short video above walks you through Chexology’s seamless integration with Alice by Actabl.

Hotel technology for hospitality teams text message communication

The guest experience  

Chexology’s team has worked tirelessly to perfect the modern hospitality experience. After years of research, testing, and customer feedback, Chexology designed a seamless experience where the guest is connected to their claim number digitally. There is no paper ticket for them to hold onto. They simply provide their name if they have a reservation or if they'd like a personalized text confirmation with their tag number.

  • Eliminates paper tickets

  • Nothing for your guests to download

  • Faster experience during check-in and checkout 

  • Guests prefer text confirmations over paper tickets 

  • Guests can text the hotel team from anywhere 

  • Boost in online customer reviews  

Note: The image above is an example of the categories we can help your hotel team gather. Each dashboard is customized to your specific needs and guest priorities. 

Powerful hospitality management technology 

Chexology provides relevant data and colorful daily reports. For the first time, your hotel management team can go beyond the paper ticket and see how your staff performs at a granular level. In short, you can ensure that each guest interaction receives five-star hospitality and flag experiences that lag behind your standards. This is because Chexology provides a visual roadmap to level up the guest experience. 

Chexology’s daily reporting and dashboard log all guest interactions, notifying management of workload trends to help your team schedule more accurately. Colorful graphs illustrate team members' workloads throughout the day, providing crystal-clear insights into staff performance and actions that can be taken to improve standards.

Hotel paperless luggage tags NFC tags sustainable hospitality reusable luggage tags

Chexology blends three emerging hotel technologies into one seamless guest experience 

The beauty of Chexology is that the guest is their claim ticket. Gone are the days of theft from falsely claiming lost luggage or valet tickets since the confirmation number lives securely in your guest's text conversation. Even if a guest’s phone dies, simply sighting their unique 10-digit cell number confirms their identity. 

 In a nutshell, three elements work in harmony to create this paperless process: 

number one hospitality technology

We designed a simple iOS app that runs on an iPhone or iPad. This app acts as your team’s home, allowing you to see everything coming in and going out from anywhere. You can check on a customer's reservation, create a reservation, or review details about the guest’s stored items, location, and any unique information about their stay. Your team can even capture photos of the guest belongings to ensure that each item is returned to its rightful owner.

two hospitality technology trends

Eco-friendly NFC tags. Chexology keeps track of everything through reusable luggage tags and storage stickers that use NFC (Near-field communication) chips. Whether you're holding or lending items Chexology's tap and go experience is lightning fast. Each reusable tag connects back to our app and allows you to track any number of items simultaneously, greatly improving organization and eliminating misplaced items.

three hospitality technology trends

SMS text messages. Our custom text messaging is the last element that ties the whole experience together. Guests who check items in and out receive a personalized text message as their claim number. Guests will receive a friendly text message when they first check in and again when they check out. Chexology will even allow you to send an alert text if a guest forgets to pick up their personal items. With Chexology, nothing gets left behind. 

Vaughn Davis and Derek Packqué talk about the future of hospitality technology

Dive deeper into hospitality technology with Derek and Vaughn

In a recent conversation, the CEO of Chexology, Derek Pacqué, sat down with Vaughn Davis, the charismatic CEO steering the ship at Relevant Hospitality. If you’re unfamiliar with the man, he’s a trendsetter in the California hotel industry with an exciting view of the future.

“I love the way you’ve revolutionized luggage tags and replaced them with reusable tags," Says Vaughn Davis. "I want nothing to do with paper. If you still need to write on paper, we need to have a discussion.” 


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