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How does Chexology work in hotels?

Chexology’s beautiful simplicity makes our paperless luggage check, package check, coat check, and valet system very popular in both corporate and boutique hotels! This resource will walk you through Chexology’s hotel onboarding process and answers your most common questions.

How does Chexology's bell desk system work?

The simplicity of Chexology lives in our approachable design. To achieve this, three elements work harmoniously to create our unique paperless ticket system. The benefits? Your bell desk will enjoy improved speed, cost, and security for you and your guests.

At the heart of our system is an intuitive iOS app that runs on iPhones and iPads. This app acts as your home base, allowing you to see everything coming in and out. From the app, you can collect your guest's information (phone number and optional photos for added security) and use that profile to hold their suitcase, packages, or other personal items.

We have refined this system through ongoing dialog with hotels and resorts over the years. The result is a zippy, modern experience for your guests and bell team.

Communicating with our iOS app is our clever use of NFC (near-field communication) chips. We embed these little chips into reusable matte-finish luggage tags that fasten to suitcases or coat hangers. The tags allow businesses to track hundreds of suitcases coming in and out in an orderly manner. Gone are the days of finding a needle in a haystack. You can now quickly locate items and return them to their rightful owner.

We know how important branding is to your business. That’s why our NFC-enabled tags come in various colors and can be custom designed to include your hotel logos.

Our personalized texting function is the third element that ties the whole experience together. Your guests will receive a friendly text message when they first check in and again when they check out. These can be personalized to fit your hotel's needs and even add the ability to share links to your social media channels or promotions. Some of our clients get very creative with this feature, and we’d happily share some of our favorites with you if interested during a demo call.

One of our favorite features: our system allows you to send an alert text at the end of the event if a guest forgets to retrieve their luggage. With Chexology, nothing gets left behind!

See our paperless bell desk in action

Above is a brief bell desk training video that walks you through the Chexology experience. We designed the app to be flexible, allowing you to mirror your existing process. Our engineering team has also worked hard to make the app intuitive, fast, and robust in its ability to tackle your day-to-day needs.

Does Chexology work with our conventions?

Yes! Chexology allows you to scale your hotel when handling large events. Our same system gives hotels the freedom to keep track of incoming packages from guests arriving for special events and conferences. Chexology also enables you to check coats or speed up the mass exodus of an event.

What happens during a hotel demo call?

We plan demo calls with hotels and resorts to be easy on interested parties. There is no pressure; we let our product speak for itself. If you have questions, we’ll address them. If you have special challenges at your hotel, we’ll troubleshoot them. We've seen it all over the years and are happy to find the best custom fit for you and your guests.

The most common surprise we witness during demonstrations is that it’s more affordable than clients initially thought since Chexology is sometimes less or around the same price point as their existing paper luggage tickets.

Here are four questions we might inquire about your hotel's bell desk service:

  1. What does your current process look like?

  2. What’s your typical annual volume?

  3. Do you check luggage, packages, or other bulk items?

  4. What is the maximum number of suitcases your venue can check at once?

Now with a basic understanding of your current setup and size, we can set you up for success with the appropriate volume plan and share advice from similar-sized hotels that take advantage of our system.

How does my hotel set up our Chexology account?

After going through the demo and discussing it with your team, you’re comfortable moving forward with Chexology to enhance your guest's experience! We’ll help you set up your account, which will give you access to your new Chexology dashboard.

Once you create a login and place a credit card on file, you can track profits, real-time inventory, and any outstanding items guests may have left behind from your dashboard. You can also personalize your outgoing text messages from your Chexology dashboard.

Our engineering team has designed your dashboard to be intuitive and show you the most relevant information.

How do I set up my hotel's bell desk for success?

Your relationship with our team doesn’t end once you’ve signed up. We pride ourselves on the ability to listen and learn from our customers, and we pass that knowledge on to you. From the best way to set up your luggage storage room to tips on efficiency.

We'd love to hear if you have ideas for future features to make Chexology work better for you too! Our team is happy to help. We want you to love Chexology just as much as we do, and we’ll bend backward to ensure you do.

Does Chexology offer complimentary hotel training?

Yes! If we can help, we will! Chexology provides a complimentary virtual training for both you and your staff. If your hotel operates in New York City, we’ll pop in and give you a hands-on demonstration. During your training, we’ll cover the software's basics and show you how quickly your staff can find luggage in your storage room with simple tricks.

Have other questions?

Please drop your questions in our live chat box on the lower righthand side of your screen or fill out our contact form. Our friendly team is here to serve you.

However you decide to use Chexology, our iOS app allows you to manage all your belongings from one place. From renting out wireless headphones for silent disco events to checking strollers at children's museums, Chexology adds wow factor to your guest's experience!

Learn how one missing coat sparked our company!


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