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Breaking stereotypes and living life on your own terms with Vaughn Davis

Life and Lemonade TV recently interviewed Vaughn Davis, General Manager at Dream Hotel, Hollywood. The team at Dream, under Vaughn’s leadership, are customers of Chexology and are using the luggage check app at their property.

DREAM Hollywood

Thanks to Life and Lemonade TV for allowing us to re-post this interview. We love to be able to spotlight customers who are pushing the envelope on innovation and the guest experience.

Vaughn is known for and recognized for revolutionizing the guest experience. This was a great interview and definitely worth sharing. Some highlights:

  • Vaughn subscribes to the “First Principles” concept which essentially is about boiling things down to its most elementary form, or its most fundamental truth, and then rebuilding it from the ground up. This philosophy has been core to the innovation that Vaughn is well known for.

  • The need for re-evaluating processes in the hotel industry: “I’m in an industry that’s been around for quite some time. Over time, it’s been a consistent passing of the same process from generation to generation to generation. A very small percentage has taken the time to stop and say ‘is this process antiquated? Are we able to redefine it?’ You have to listen to your customers. If your customers aren’t of the old guard, who enjoy that in-person connection, then you need to pivot. You need to make an adjustment.”

  • “Our system is built and predicated on the new guard. You have to continue to evolve.”

What stands out to you in this interview? Comment below!

The interview in full:


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