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Technology that outperforms paper 

Experience happier customers with our patented Chex™ process! Say goodbye to long lines and hello to a digitized inventory and insightful analytics. 

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Live Nation Entertainment

How does Chexology work?


With Chexology, the customer is their claim ticket. Gone are the days of holding onto a little piece of paper to claim valuable luggage, cars, and coats. Provide a modern experience that costs less than paper, is sustainable, faster, and builds trust with your customers.


Meet a few of our spotlight clients!

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Speed that won't get you a ticket 

Erase the line

When it comes to rushes, nobody handles lines better than Chexology. By digitizing your frontline, customers experience shorter wait times when retrieving their personal belongings. We are the claim ticket for Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Move big lines fast

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During mass exodus, customers will be queued into your action list, so their belongings magically await them as they approach the counter!


Josh Clark

Director, ICC Sydney

"Over the next 5 years, we will save 250,000 paper tickets and roughly $50K from our bottom line with Chexology."


Becky Healey

Manager, I.M.P. Concerts

“Our coat check service is hyper-organized and fast! The Chexology experience is high-end and modern.”


Vaughn Davis

GM, Dream Hotel Hollywood

“Chexology provides a cost-effective, innovative solution that allows us to ensure luggage security for our guests.”

"Our customers just say, 'wow!'"

Coat check, bell desk, rentals, and valet are your customers' first and last touch points. Make them memorable with Chexology! Our app lets you connect directly with your customers through personalized text messages.

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Put your business in the palm of your customer's hand

Before: Slate, a popular nightclub in New York, gained 15 new Instagram followers daily without any text presence.

After: Slate is now gaining 181 new followers per day (while averaging ~250 coats daily).

Research: Text message open rates are 95% (70% higher than email). Post-open click-through rates are 29% with 47% of those converting.


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Insightful reports

Gain access to real-time reporting 

  • Customer habits 

  • Inventory volume

  • Staff performance 

  • Peak hours and trends

  • Revenue tracking

Added photo security

Each transaction simultaneously snaps a quick photo of the customers' items and the customer (optional). This simultaneous action ensures staff return items to their rightful owners and adds a layer of documented security for your business. 


Chexology Design Department

We make big things happen!

We are experts at optimizing checkroom space, speed, and budgets. We work directly with clients and agencies of all sizes to produce state-of-the-art systems. Our team has had the pleasure of consulting with companies like the Javits Center, the Museum of Modern Art, and MGM Music Hall at Fenway, to name a few.


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Whether you’re looking to produce an immersive experience or brand your existing check system, our design department will work with you to make your vision a reality. We designed our app interface, arrival texts, and departure messages so that each impression impacts your customers.



Nike Run Club

"Bringing in Chexology has really helped evolve our brand, our run clubs, and innovate in a way that we never have before."


Perri Jacobs

Brand Marketing

Events Manager

How can we grow with you?

We owe much of our success to carefully listening to our clients. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience with Chexology, we encourage you to share your feedback! 

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Get in touch

We cater each solution to your unique service offerings. First, we learn about your existing pain points & desired process. Then, we demo feature options and collaborate on the best solution. Finally, we present volume plans with your selected features showcasing ROI.

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