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Chase Lounge - Madison Square Garden

Delivering a new experience for guests to deliver an authentic brand connection.

Client profile: Chase Lounge

Chase serves millions of consumers, small businesses and many of the world’s most prominent clients. So it’s no surprise they became the first marquee partner of the “World’s Most Famous Arena”, Madison Square Garden (MSG). Chase opened a luxurious invite-only VIP lounge for loyal Chase customers inside MSG. Continuing with their history of enhancing ordinary client services, The Chase Lounge provides guests with upscale food, beverages, and other exceptional features.

The service

In 2013 Chase’s experiential marketing agency, MKG, was tasked with creating an authentic connection between Chase and the Lounge guests. They wanted to come up with ways to make the Chase Lounge experience something guests would remember. MKG knew guests would be bringing coats and bags to the event after work. But with so many people, lines get long and tickets get lost, leaving headaches for all involved. So why not make the first experience when guests walk through the door a unique and pleasant one?

Enter Chexology [then CoatChex]. Using ticketless technology, guests were greeted with a new and exciting coat and bag checking service, providing them peace of mind during their visit. And when they returned for their coats, guests were able to retrieve them quickly by simply giving their phone number. Chexology created custom Chase branded user interface builds for the tablet, providing additional brand attribution.

Our results

The response to Chexology was amazing. By using ticketless technology, guests had one less thing to worry about throughout the night. When they returned for their coats and bags, they were able to do so faster than ever. Chexology cut down the average waiting time, allowing guests to leave happy rather than frustrated. Of course, any Chase client will tell you, time is money. No coats were lost. In fact, MKG was so impressed with CoatChex’s activation, they extended the partnership to encompass all of 2015, as well as New York Knicks and Rangers games. Game on.


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