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Thinking of starting a silent disco? Here’s what you need to know

Curious about starting your own silent disco company? This guide walks you through all the tips and tricks you need to know.

I remember my first silent disco like it was yesterday. I was walking around a city park, enjoying the sunshine, when suddenly, through the trees, I witnessed a crowd of people laughing and dancing together in sheer silence. I quickly pieced together what was happening and couldn’t wait to join their merriment.

Since that fateful day, I’ve attended many silent disco parties and enjoyed watching new friends discover the experience for themselves.

For those that have never had the pleasure, silent discos are immersive dance parties where the audience collectively enjoys music through wireless headphones. As a spectator, you might witness a group of people dancing and hopping around in utter silence (since no loudspeakers are blasting the beats). Once you toss on a pair of wireless headphones with those iconic red and green lights, however, it’s pretty easy to see all the fuss. Silent discos are a trip!

Moreover, silent discos are relatively easy businesses to start. With a small investment in equipment, one can grow as their clientele grows. The added ability to pump concert-level tunes into intimate spaces that might otherwise be off-limits to your typical sound systems lends silent disco companies their thrill.

Thanks to Chexology’s intuitive silent disco headphone checkout software, making it super simper to lend out silent disco headphones. With Chexology’s NFC-enabled stickers (placed on the inside of the headphone), businesses can keep track of all outgoing headphones and allow credit card holds to ensure everyone returns their gear safely.

5 surprising advantages of starting a silent disco company

Starting a silent disco company can benefit the company and its customers. Here are some of the main advantages of starting a silent disco company:

Increased flexibility

As we discussed above, silent discos allow for greater flexibility in terms of location, as they do not require speakers or amplifiers. This means that silent discos can be held in a wide range of venues, including outdoor spaces or locations with noise restrictions.

Improved sound quality

Silent discos use wireless headphones to transmit the music, which can result in improved sound quality compared to traditional loudspeakers. This can create a more immersive and enjoyable experience for attendees.

Enhanced safety

Silent discos can help improve safety at events by eliminating the need for loudspeakers and reducing the risk of hearing damage. In addition, the use of headphones can help to reduce the risk of conflicts or disturbances caused by loud music.

Greater control

Silent discos allow attendees to control the volume of the music and switch between different channels, giving them greater control over their experience. This can be especially appealing to people who may not want to listen to loud music for an extended period of time.

Unique experience

Let’s face it. We will never forget our first silent disco experience. Silent discos offer an immersive experience for attendees, as they are not something most people have witnessed before. This can make them popular choices for events, parties, weddings, and bar or bat mitzvahs.

How to start a silent disco company

There are a few key things to consider when starting a silent disco company:

Create a business plan.

Developing a solid business plan is essential for any company, and a silent disco company is no exception. This should include a clear description of the company's goals, target market, marketing strategy, and financial projections.

What type of equipment will you need?

One of the main costs associated with starting a silent disco company will be the equipment needed to run the events. This includes headphones, transmitters, and any other necessary equipment. Researching different options and comparing prices is important to ensure you get the best deal.

Parts Express is one silent disco headphone company that we recommend. Chexology has worked with them countless times over the years, and they have excellent customer service. Parts Express has everything if you want to buy gear to get started or expand your existing gear.

Have you thought about your marketing approach?

Marketing is key to attracting customers to your silent disco events. This can include social media marketing, email marketing, and traditional advertising methods.

How will your customer service stand out?

Providing excellent customer service is crucial for any business. Consider how you might set yourself apart by offering friendly communication, transparent pricing, and simple package features. Being responsive to customer inquiries and complaints ensures events run smoothly.

You’ll need to secure some insurance.

Having the necessary insurance to protect your company and customers is essential. This may include liability insurance, event insurance, and other types of coverage, depending on the nature of your business.

Boost your customer’s experience with Chexology!

Most silent disco companies have added Chexology’s service to their business, which you should also consider. Chexology is an affordable iOS app that allows you to keep track of all of your silent disco headphones at a glance and can add credit card holds until your headsets have safely returned. There is no more need to hold onto photo IDs or hand out paper tickets since Chexology sends out personalized text messages to your customers for you in real-time. It’s a no-brainer.

Brand your silent disco headsets with your logo

Take your silent disco company to the next level with rental checkout software.

We make the lending process painless! Chexology allows you to keep track of your outbound items by combining our iOS mobile app with the power of NFC tags, giving silent disco companies a digital tracking tool for their headsets. Our rental platform will enable you to confidently rent out more items simultaneously.

If you’ve caught the silent disco headphone bug like many of us have, there’s no shame in hiding it! The world would be better if there were more silent disco events out there for people to experience. We here at Chexology 100% support your cause and have designed our silent disco headphone tracking software to meet your needs. If we can be of service and help you make the leap into Chexology, please drop us a line.

Our team has worked with silent disco companies from all walks of life. We’d love to jump on a quick video call and show you how our iOS app works. We can also share some insight into how other silent disco businesses use Chexology for mobile marketing to their customers.


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