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Bluetooth Reader

Is the reader connected to power?

Double-check all of your connection points for power. Sometimes connectors can come loose. Be sure to check that the power in the dock is also connected correctly.

(if step 1 doesn't work):

Is bluetooth connected?

  • Is there a bar at the top of the screen saying that the reader is not connected?

  • Does the reader show that the reader is connected to Bluetooth? This will show either a steady blue or magenta light or a flashing white and blue light. If not, go to the app's settings and connect the reader.

  • If you are not seeing the reader connect, turn off the connection toggle and turn it back on. Make sure the reader is on and in pair mode.

(if step 1, 2 & 3 doesn't work):

In-app reader reset

If you are still experiencing reader issues, try resetting your reader. 

  1. Launch your Chexology app. 

  2. Within the app, go to "Settings."

  3. Tap on your "Accessories" tab located on the lower left side. 

  4. Tap the little "info" icon (a circle with a lowercase "i")on the reader in question. 

  5. Lastly, tap "Reset Device." 

Note: the reader will be unavailable for about 20 seconds as it resets. 

Reset 1.png
Reset 2.png

(if step 1, 2, & 3 doesn't work):

Still not connecting?

  1. Force close the app and reopen it. Give it 15 seconds to automatically reconnect to the app.

  2. Turn off the reader, force close the app, open the app, and turn the reader back on. Allow 15 seconds for the reader to connect.

  3. Reset the reader with the reset pinhole using a paperclip.

Still Need Help?

Send us an email at if you need support.

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