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Reinvent what hospitality looks like with Chexology + ALICE!
Make luggage check a memorable experience, not just a transaction.

When it comes to elevating your guest satisfaction, it’s often the small touchpoints that make the difference.

The travel industry has evolved rapidly in the last decade and you’ve adopted new technologies like ALICE to personalize the guest experience and grow your business. Yet, you’re still using a decades-old, outdated process for the crucial first and last touchpoints with a guest. There is a better way.

“Getting rid of paper makes the process better for both our team and guests. As a data-driven decision maker, having insights into team performance and demand helps us staff smarter and save on our bottom-line.”

William Baez, Hotel Manager

“We love how easy it is to use. It beats our paper costs and provides a better experience for our guests.”

Jeffrey Ney, Front Office Manager


“Staying on top of technology trends that help us exceed our guests' expectations is paramount. Chexology provides a cost effective, innovative solution that allows us to ensure luggage security for our guests”

Vaughn Davis, General Manager


The digital claim ticket with ALICE integration

Ditch the paper ticket and step into the future

Many hotels promise guests an elevated experience yet still expect them to keep track of a paper claim ticket. Chexology empowers you to elevate these crucial touchpoints with an easy, digital process so you give your guests a visit to remember. All for less than the cost you’re paying for your current paper tickets.

  • Quickly associate guest reservations from ALICE to their belongings without writing on paper. Save guests and staff time.

  • Allow guests to continue on their way while the bellman scans reusable tags to capture pictures of the belongings for secure, trustworthy luggage storage.

  • Through the ALICE texting service, the guest receives a branded and personalized text confirmation with their claim number serving as their digital claim ticket. No more need to hang onto a paper ticket.

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