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Last updated: January 1, 2020

Chexology Support Policy

This Support Policy applies to Chexology Software Support (“Software Support”) and Chexology Hardware Support (“Hardware Support,” and collectively with Chexology Software Support, “Support Services”) from Chexology.



Each incident submitted by you for Support Services will be issued a ticket number. An “Incident” means a single support issue with the Services and the reasonable effort needed to resolve it. A single support issue cannot be divided into sub-problems regardless of the amount of effort required to resolve the issue. If an issue consists of multiple problems, a separate Incident will be required to solve each problem. 




We refer to “Errors” as reproducible failure of the Services to perform in substantial conformity with applicable documentation. When reporting an Incident to us, of a suspected Error, you must provide us with detailed information about the Error, including an example, the context in which it was encountered, details of your configuration of the Services, and the steps necessary to generate or reproduce the Error. 




We prioritize the handling of tickets at our sole discretion, based on severity, and determine what constitutes the severity of an Incident on a case-by-case basis. 


  • Urgent: We classify an Incident as “Urgent” priority when a substantial portion of the Services does not operate and cannot be restarted or there is an Error with a critical component that renders a major function of the Services completely unusable or there is an Error that causes a third-party, mission-critical application to be unstable. 

  • High: We classify an Incident as “High” priority when there is an Error with a critical component causing significant impact to the Services such that it is difficult but not impossible to use.

  • Medium: We classify an Incident as “Medium” priority when there is a non-critical degradation of performance or function in the Services or when there is minor intermittent problem in the Services and a commercially reasonable workaround may be available. 

  • Low: We classify an Incident as “Low” priority when an enhancement to information, questions, design, or documentation issues concerning the Services or Errors, with little or no effect on normal operations, is submitted.


Support Services


We provide support to resolve issues with the Services. If you order additional or special Software Support from Chexology, those terms will be described in your Order, and will supplement and override these terms, where applicable.


Support Services, updates, and upgrades do not include any type of installation, deployment, or third party application assistance. Support Services are provided for questions regarding installation, configuration, and usage. We do not represent, warrant or guarantee that any of the Support Services provided will correct or resolve any error within any specific time period.


Chexology is under no obligation to provide Software Support as a result of your failure to upgrade or update any of the Services to the latest release version or to maintain the Services in accordance with the standards described in our documentation or as specified in any Support Services that you receive from us.  Additionally, we are under no obligation to provide Support Services as a result of any actions of any third party unauthorized by us or any causes unrelated to the products as delivered to you by us, including modifications made by you or on your behalf.


Support Levels


We provide different levels of support offerings. Each level has a corresponding support program with distinct benefits.


Support Offerings


Chexology offers a Basic and Enterprise Support program. With the creation of an account you will be enrolled in the Basic Support Program unless otherwise specified in your Order.


The benefits and features of the Basic Support Program are:


  • Updates and Upgrades: Updates include service packs and patches released to correct issues with our software. Upgrades include major releases of our software.

  • Online Ticket Submission:  You may submit any Incident 24 hours per day, 365 days per year via in the form of a ticket. Replies to Incidents submitted online will be delivered mostly during business hours.


The benefits and features of the Enterprise Support program include all the benefits and features of the Basic Support Program plus:


  • Phone Support: You may submit Incidents classified as Medium or High by phone during business hours to a designated Chexology Support Specialist.  A phone number will be provided separately when an Order for Support Services is fulfilled.

  • Live Urgent Support: You may submit Incidents classified as Urgent by phone during business hours to a designated Chexology Support Specialist. If we classify the Incident as urgent you will be designated a Support Technician, and if we deem necessary to resolve the incident, who may support on site for up to 6 hours per month included in the Support Fee.


You can receive Support Services on a monthly basis (or as otherwise specified in your Order) that begins on the first date of your use of the Services.


Response Times


Our Support Specialists take reasonable measures to respond to Medium Incidents within one business day, to High Incidents within 4 business hours, to Urgent Incidents within 2 business hours and who may be disciplined or terminated if they fail to meet these obligations.

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