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Tagging screen help

Thank you for visiting one of Chexology's support pages! Below is a brief overview of Chexology's tagging system and its key features. If you still have trouble after reviewing the help guides on our website, please feel free to start a live chat with our team or connect through our email form.

Know your screen

1 Label.png

Continue to tap to add additional tags/items to a customer's profile. 

2 Label.png

The back button allows you to go back and change a customer's phone number.

3 Label.png

The camera icon enables and disables the customer's photo. 

4 Label.png

Tapping the customer's photo allows you to retake their photo.

5 Label.png

By tapping on the item photo, you can retake the photo.

Group 2427.png

Tapping the tag itself brings up item details. From here you can retake the item photo, delete the item, or choose the number of items associated with that tag, like adding two coats to one hanger.

Pro-tip: Tap and hold a tag to quickly delete it.

Coat Mock (2).png

Manual entry

1 Label.png

Flip the screen over to activate manual entry and additional options for the operator.

2 Label.png

Tap the "+" button to manually enter a tag, choose the tag type, color, or enter the tag number.

3 Label.png

Swipe to complete! You're all set! 

Coat Mock (1).png
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Still need help?

Send us an email at if you need support.

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