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User FAQ

Chexology is a tool to make your job easier. Below is a list of frequently asked questions you may come across during your events. Please reference this document when you are troubleshooting situations.

  • Was Chexology (formally CoatChex) on ABC's Shark Tank?
    Yes! Founder and CEO Derek Pacqué was on episode one, season four, of ABC's Shark Tank. Our website receives thousands of visitors yearly from fans who came across our product in the wild, and we love hearing from them. By clicking here, you can learn more about Derek's appearance on Shark Tank and why he famously turned down an offer from Mark Cuban,
  • Is Chexology really faster than paper claim tickets?
    Yes! Going digital is much faster than old-fashioned paper tickets. Chexology will speed up your bell desk, valet service, rentals, and coatroom. The bigger your line, the more significant the improvement our product will make. With a no-pressure video call, we will listen to how your current system operates and your goals, and then our friendly team will walk you through exactly how you can achieve faster wait times. But don't take our word for it! Nightclubs “Our coat check lines used to be 45 minutes on sold-out nights. Now, it’s under 10, thanks to Chexology.” Jason Nichols, VP of Operations at BNEG. Museums “One month in, [we] set a new attendance record and had no lines! It was an extraordinary turnaround.” ~ Daniel Platt, Director of Security at the Museum of Modern Art. Hotels "We actually clocked it at a quarter of the time it took us to tag the same amount of bags with our old paper tickets." ~ Luis Casado, director of rooms at SLS Brickell Miami. Learn more about Chexology's speed by clicking here!
  • How does your technology work?
    The beauty of Chexology is that it is a staff-based app where your customers can identify themselves. The customer is their claim ticket. In a nutshell, three elements work in harmony to create this paperless process: 1: We designed an iOS app that runs on an iPhone or iPad. This app acts as your home base, allowing you to see everything coming in and going out. You can collect a customer's phone number from the app and use that information to hold personal items or lend out items like products or gear. 2: Whether you're holding or lending items, Chexology keeps track of everything through reusable tags (or stickers) that use NFC (Near-field communication) chips. These tags (shown below) attach to hangers or bulky items like suitcases. Each reusable tag connects back to our app and allows you to track any number of items simultaneously. 3: Our custom text messaging is the last element that ties the whole experience together. As customers check items in and out, they receive a personalized text message as their claim number. Customers will receive a friendly text message when they first check in and again when they checkout. Chexology will even allow you to send an alert text at the end of the event if a customer forgets to return. With Chexology, nothing gets left behind.
  • Why doesn't Chexology include pricing on its website?
    It's not because our product is expensive; it's because our clients are diverse. Our pricing is designed to compete with your existing paper ticket costs. Chexology's iOS app is enjoyed all over the globe and is used in countless applications. From checking luggage at colossal hotel chains to startups renting out VR headsets, businesses of all shapes and sizes take advantage of our paperless system. Because of our colorful medley of clients, we find it helpful for interested parties to share some of their pain points, see a no-pressure demo showcasing our features and benefits, and then provide custom pricing that best fits their unique needs. In short, it calculates out to cents per transaction.
  • Do my customers have to download an app?
    Nope! There is no app for customers to download. Each customer receives a friendly text message with their claim number. In the case of large concert venues, customers can even tap to add their claim ticket to their digital wallets via Google Pay or Apple Wallet to speed up the process.
  • Does Chexology offer free staff training?
    Yes! Our team will bend over backward to ensure you love our product as much as we do. We offer a complimentary virtual training to help everyone understand the ins and outs of your new paperless system. If you live in the city of New York we can even pop in and show in person. Let us know what time works best for you, and our team will take care of the rest!
  • How do I download your app?
    After creating an account with our consulting team, you can download our app directly from the Apple app store. Our software sings on iPhones and iPads running iOS 13 or newer. Once you create an account, you'll gain access to your dashboard portal, allowing you to see reports, profits, and admin settings.
  • What if a customer’s phone dies or is lost? Can the customer still retrieve their belongings?
    Yes! With Chexology, the customer is their claim ticket. All they need to do is recite their own phone number. Staff will verify the owner with the photo associated with their confirmation number. In some instances, a customer may not wish to give out their phone number. In this situation, they can create a four-digit code instead.
  • What if I have an idea for a use case I don't see on your website?
    We love it when clients come to us with new ideas. It happens all the time. Our design philosophy is to offer agnostic software allowing clients to check any item in or out. If you've got objects you'd like to keep track of or products you'd like to lend out, Chexology can make it happen! We encourage creative clients to take full advantage of the powerful technology we've designed. Let our team know how we can help you fulfill your vision!
  • I have an account and received my package! What's next?
    Our team created a "Getting Started Guide" to walk new coat check clients through setting up their new paperless system. This link answers a lot of general questions new Chexologists often have, and it also includes helpful setup tips as well! Please let us know if you have other questions our Client Success team can assist you with! We are happy to jump on a complimentary training call or share more insightful tips and tricks we've learned over the years. You can connect with us at

Still need help?

If you do not find the answers you are looking for, please connect with our team by emailing us at

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