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Create exceptional experiences while welcoming guests safely

Eliminate the paper claim ticket to efficiently and safely manage guest’s luggage.

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Luggage check is more than just a transaction. It's a memorable touchpoint for your guests. When mistakes occur, luggage is slow to arrive, or tickets go missing, customers become frustrated and you lose money. The paper claim ticket may be familiar and seemingly simple but the headaches it causes aren't worth it.

It doesn't have to be this way.

Technology you can trust that outperforms paper

Check any item in or out and ditch the paper ticket

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Quickly associate guests to their belongings without writing on paper.
Maintain proper social distance by eliminating the claim ticket hand off. The guest is free to go on their way as staff tag  and store their items.
Once complete, the guest receives a branded and personalized welcome text confirmation with their claim number.
Use the action list to streamline coordination between staff so guests don't have to wait.
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Use the storage feature to assign items to different rooms, shelves, and spaces making them easier to find.


Receive real time itemized reporting and business intelligence helping you staff smarter and increase your bottom line.

Your arrival and departure text messages can deliver custom offers and promotions to drive additional guest interaction.

Reinvent what hospitality looks like

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 We’re ready to help

Trusted by hotel GMs and operators around the world, Chexology can help. We’ve worked with hotels like yours to bring a fresh perspective to luggage storage and ensure they continue to surprise and delight guests.

  • First, we’ll work with you to understand your process.


  • Then, we’ll provide solutions to address your specific pain points.


  • And provide a pricing plan that brings ROI for you.

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