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Silent disco grows their profit with Chexology

"Chexology’s] solution really worked for us because it was super simple. [Guests] walk in and type their telephone number, we swipe the credit card and...they know they're tied to that headphone. And before the event ends, [they] get a text message [reminding them] to return [their] headphones. So now we're communicating for them. And it's also branding...they're able to rate us and do this other stuff in those text messages. [Guests] feel connected.”

- William Petz, Founder & CEO, Quiet Events


The expectation for incredible service at in-person events is higher than ever. Guests want to focus on having a good time. They’ll choose one experience over another based on how complicated the details are. Quiet Events used Chexology to simplify their process, break the boundary of how many people they can serve, and grow with an ease that wasn’t there before.


Prevent inventory loss without creating venue restrictions

In late 2011 on a cruise to Bermuda, William Petz discovered the weird but joyful experience of a “Silent Disco.” When he got back to New York City he realized no one else was throwing these parties so he started Quiet Events and launched in 2012. The company’s events started growing in popularity but two things stopped them from being able to scale:

In small clubs and bars, with one entrance and exit, it was easy to keep track of headphones. But when events started increasing to sizes of 500+ they couldn’t keep track as well and suffered big losses when guests took headphones home.

They also had to physically take IDs from guests in exchange for headphones which made lines long and the process sloppy. This led Petz to seek out a way to make sure headphones are returned without restricting the kind of venues they could be in.

“When the lights turn on, you have 2000 people running to you to leave,” said Petz. “If you had IDs, it's a nightmare. And some states that we're in, we can't actually collect IDs, because it's illegal. And then some other states, because we collect their IDs, they can't drink. So they have to keep going back and forth.”


A digital item check system.

Chexology creates technology that allowed Quiet Events to digitize and simplify their check in and out process for all their events. Chexology’s products are designed to eliminate paper claim tickets or ID collection and allow businesses to communicate with the guests they serve.

This technology allowed employees to focus more on guest interaction and less on the check process chaos. Guests simply swipe a credit card and the staff scans a headphone into the Chexology app. At the end of an event the guest simply leaves the headphone in a pile and the staff checks them back in after everyone has left.

Inventory loss isn’t an issue. When guests accidentally take a headphone (maybe too much to drink!) Chexology allows the communication with the customer via text message giving them the chance to return the item. And if they don’t return it, the customer’s credit card is attached to the item in the Chexology system and can be charged.

Brands can also send coupons and discounts that bring guests back again. This makes a personal connection with the brand and guest easier.

“What's the best about Chexology: at the end of the night, it's literally drop your headphones and leave, because we don't have to worry about anything,” said Petz. “And then when everyone's gone, then we can do the whole tapping process. So for the client, it's super easy. Huge festivals at the end: don't worry, drop, leave, drop leave, you don't have to worry.”


Endless growth possibilities and peace of mind.

Since using Chexology, silent disco company, Quiet Events, has been able to explode their profit and growth. Headphone returns are nearly 100% and venue restrictions are completely gone. There’s no limit now to the number of people Quiet Events can serve or the places they can serve them. This newfound freedom also inspired a new branch of the business of allowing brands to rent headphones in bulk from Quiet Events.

Chexology helped Petz realize the freedom, peace of mind, and ease he always wanted in his business. The result: a pain-free process for both employees and customers that opened opportunities for new growth. Now he can get excited about the possibilities again knowing he doesn’t have to stress every time they run an event.


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