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The benefits of adding a custom conveyor coat rack into new construction

When it comes to new construction projects, it's essential to consider all the little details that will greatly impact the overall functionality and flow of the space. One often overlooked but significant detail is the coat check area. A coat check is a practical necessity in colder climates and an excellent opportunity to add a unique and functional design element to your space.

Enter the custom conveyor coat rack. These devices, often seen at your local drycleaners, not only keep coats organized and easily accessible but also adds a touch of modern flair. And with the help of Chexology, setting up and designing the perfect coat check area has never been more popular.

One of the biggest benefits of using a conveyor coat rack is its increased efficiency and organization. Traditional coat racks can become disorganized and slow down the long lines, making it difficult for guests and coat checkers. On the other hand, a conveyor coat rack keeps customer belongings neatly organized and easily accessible, allowing customers to grab their coats and be on their way quickly.

Be one with your coatroom

Another benefit of a custom conveyor coat rack is the added design element it brings to a space. Unlike traditional coat racks that can be bulky and unsightly, a conveyor coat rack can be designed to blend seamlessly into the space's overall aesthetic. And with Chexology's help, you can be sure that the coat check area will be functional and visually pleasing.

Work with Chexology’s design team

Finally, Chexology's custom iOS app makes the coat check process even more efficient by allowing guests to check in their coats with a simple scan of our reusable NFC tags. This innovation speeds up the check-in process and eliminates the need for paper tickets, making the coat check area more eco-friendly.

See a conveyor coat rack in action, linked to Chexology!

Ten reasons why clients love Chexology

  1. Increased efficiency: Chexology's paperless coat check system eliminates the need for paper tickets, allowing guests to check in their coats with a simple text message, which speeds up the check-in process.

  2. Improved organization: Chexology’s iOS app keeps coats neatly organized and easily accessible, allowing staff to quickly grab their personal items.

  3. Cost savings: A paperless system eliminates the need for paper tickets and printing costs. Chexology’s plans are designed to compete with your existing paper costs.

  4. Eco-friendly: The paperless system reduces paper waste and helps to conserve natural resources.

  5. Data collection: In a data-driven world, businesses need all the information they can get. Chexology delivers on this through real-time insights on check-ins and check-outs, providing valuable information on attendance and usage.

  6. Increased security: Chexology’s paperless coatroom system makes it easier to track who has checked in their items and ensures the security of guests' personal belongings, thanks to photo capturing during check-in.

  7. Reduced lost items: Chexology helps to reduce the number of lost items by keeping your inventory in order and eliminating human error during rushes.

  8. Customizable: The iOS app allows customization best to fit the client's brand voice and needs.

  9. Accessible: Chexology can be accessed from multiple devices, allowing for real-time monitoring and reporting. This also helps with Chexology’s line-busting feature.

  10. User-friendly: Like most iOS apps, Chexolog is designed to be easy for your staff and customers. Here’s a brief training video to see it in action:


Combining Chexolgy with an upcoming custom conveyor coat rack elevates traditional technology that costs as much as your existing paper ticket budget. Adding a conveyor is also a great way to increase efficiency, add a unique design element, and drastically reduce long lines. Let our design team know how we can help you set up a cost-effective conveyor system in your upcoming build. We have experience and examples that can make all the difference.


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