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UK nightclubs embrace Chexology: 5 reasons the future of the cloakroom is paperless.

Now widely adopted in London, Chexology provides nightclubs with a paperless cloakroom system that uses SMS texting, digital wallets, and NFC technology. This affordable system reduces wait times, boosts revenue, and supports eco-friendly practices.

The UK’s nightlife scene is evolving rapidly, and leading the charge is Chexology, a groundbreaking, sustainable, paperless cloakroom solution designed for modern, revenue-focused nightclubs, casinos, and concert venues. Say goodbye to paper tickets and cloakroom printer paper, and welcome to the digital age of nightclub coat check systems.

Chexology (then CoatChex) introduced itself to the world when it debuted on the TV show SharkTank in The States. The tech company has since expanded globally, becoming the norm in cities like London. Some of Chexology’s London clients include The Hippodrome Casino, HERE at Outernet, Electrowerkz, Empire Casino, The Steel Yard, Clapham Grand, Swingers West End, Olympia London, Aures London, and Troxy. These London icons have not only embraced the age of the digital cloakroom but also shared the top five reasons why the future of the UK cloakroom resides in going paperless.

1. Improved nightclub revenue streams

Chexology isn't just about going digital; it's about intelligent revenue generation. By streamlining the coat check process, London venues handle a larger volume of transactions and utilize “smart staffing.” Instead of “flat staffing,” nightclubs staff based on real-time data through Chexology’s dashboard, allowing managers to view the peaks and lulls of their cloakroom.

Another area where clients see ROI on staffing hours is when it comes to no longer needing prep time to pre-tag hangers before busy events:

“We don’t have to prep hangers anymore before events,” says Ivan Vasilev, COO at Steelyard in London. “Thanks to Chexology, we now save £2,496 annually.”

The premium experience Chexology provides also allows nightclubs to raise pricing on their cloakroom without their customers batting an eye. Here’s Joe with HERE at Outernet talking about transitioning from £2 to £3.

2. Elevated customer experience by eliminating long nightclub lines

In London, long cloakroom queues constitute a significant deterrent for patrons. Chexology addresses this pain point head-on by significantly reducing wait times.

Chexology’s research shows that lost paper tickets and an unorderly cloakroom are the leading causes of long coat check lines. With Chexology, the customer is their claim ticket. Chexology also creates a digital archive of your cloakroom using reusable NFC-enabled hanger tags. By combining these two features, nightclubs see a major difference in customer wait times. A faster, more efficient cloakroom process equals happier repeat customers and an improvement in your Google review ratings.

“It took us 45 minutes to get people out of the venue at the end of the night. Now we average 12 minutes.” Joe Richardson, Manager

3. Stood out in a competitive London nightclub market

In a market saturated with options, standing out is crucial. Offering Chexology is a statement. Chexology gives venues an edge by modernizing a typically overlooked aspect of the nightclub experience. As the first and last impression your customers have with your venue, Chexology allows you to set yourself apart in the forever-shifting landscape of the London nightlife scene.

4. Embraced eco-friendly nightclub practices by eliminating cloakroom printer paper and paper tickets

Sustainability is more than a buzzword in the UK; it's an obligation. By switching from paper cloakroom tickets or coat check printer paper to Chexology's paperless system, venues not only improve ROI, but their coat check also aligns with the growing demand from customers for a more environmentally responsible experience. This commitment to sustainability can significantly enhance a venue's brand and save nightclubs annually on specialty cloakroom printer paper or cloakroom printer rolls.

“Chexology has saved the casino over half a million paper tickets thus far!” Lisa Jones, Director of Customer Experience at the Hippodrome Casino

5. Competed with nightclub industry leaders

There's growing pressure to match the standards set by industry leaders and competitors. Not only does Chexology handle the load of some of the largest cloakrooms in the UK, but it’s also affordable, making it a powerful tool for intimate clubs trying to compete with the big players.

“Here’s something else that’s interesting about ChexPass! I went to one of the other clubs you have in London, and they had it. I heard people saying, ‘Oh, it's what Electrowerkz has for when I give them my jacket. I've already got it in my digital wallet!’ So I know people are already talking about Chexology while waiting in line.”’ ~ Andrew Harris of Electrowerkz


Chexology’s advanced SMS texting capabilities and digital wallet options transform traditional coat check systems marking a significant leap forward for UK nightclubs. This approach modernizes your operation and eliminates the endless cycle of purchasing coat check printer rolls and tickets. By embracing Chexology’s industry-leading approach, UK nightclubs are speeding up wait times for their customers, offering the ability to use smart staffing from real-time data and yearly ROI, thanks to a significant reduction in revenue spent on claims or misplaced items.

The adoption of Chexology sets the bar for nightclub cloakrooms in the UK. This transformation addresses the growing demand for quick, hassle-free experiences in a fast-paced, technology-driven world. Nightclub owners and managers who incorporate this digital coat check system are not just upgrading their cloakroom services; they are redefining what it means to have a night out in the UK, offering a glimpse into the future of clubbing.

For more information on how Chexology can transform your venue's cloakroom, open a conversation with our chat button on your right.

For more resources on improving your coat check, check out our complete guide on How to improve your coat check room in eight easy steps.


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