How It Works Guide

1. Why Chexology?

Chexology is a tool designed to make your job easier. You’ll experience smoother lines, reduced customer complaints, and a digital record that lets you efficiently find items at a glance.

If you have questions regarding our software at any point, please contact us! We will happily walk you through the process or jump on a call to answer any of your questions. We appreciate you, and we want your onboarding experience to be a smooth one.

2. Positioning The Kiosk

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Position the kiosk as indicated in the illustration. With this ideal location, you’ll experience better customer photos, more accessible access to the tag reader, and superior visibility of the device while assisting customers.

Pro-Tip: For permanent placement of your kiosk, use the double-sided PivotTable. For temporary placement, use the single-sided PivotTable which will work as a suction cup.

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3. Open Exchange Flow

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Collect: Collect the customer’s items. Position the item behind the iPad's back camera while hovering a tag over the reader which prompts the camera to take a photo of the item.

Pro-Tip: You can continue to tag items while the customer is entering their phone number.

Prompt: Ask the customer to enter their mobile number by saying, "Your phone number is your claim ticket.”

Pro-Tip: A four-digit pin can be substituted for a phone number.

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Swipe: Verify that all items scanned appear on the item shelf. To complete, swipe above the item shelf. Once complete, hang checked items on the rack.


Pro-Tip: When you see the "Thank You" screen appear, this confirms that all items have been checked. A confirmation text message will be sent to the customer (if this feature is enabled).

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4. Close Exchange Flow

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Search: Flip the iPad or tap the "Search" field to bring up the search screen. Find the customer profile by typing in the last 4 digits of their phone number or the tag number.

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Retrieve and Return: Retrieve and visually verify you are returning the correct items to the correct customer.

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Swipe: Swipe right on the item details row to return and close out the guest transaction.

Pro-Tip: To avoid duplicates during the next shift, it is very important to swipe to return.

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