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A Good time to pivot your business

Of course, the pandemic has been hard on all of us, especially those in the hospitality industry. The struggles and the hurt are real for hotels, restaurants, and tourism.

Recovery is in the air. The end of the pandemic is in sight. What to do now?

Chexology's CEO/Founder Derek Pacqué says this is the time to redirect your energy to areas that drive innovation in your business. Streamline staff tasks, elevate the experience you provide, gain better insights through data collection, etc.

Now is the time to adopt new forms of technology and connect with your customers. Step into the future and transform your business with Chexology!

Technology for your growing industry

Hotel bellhops: Combine the personal touch of a bespoke hotel with the powerful tools required to run some of the largest hotel chains in the world. Chexology digitally catalogs your incoming and outgoing luggage, and packages.

Valet: Connect directly to your customer's smartphone! When a car pulls up, a member of your staff snaps a photo of the vehicle, the attendant types in the customer’s phone number, and you're done!

Coat check: Enjoy a better way to connect with your customers by modernizing your coatroom. Enjoy the convenience of smoother lines during the mass exodus of large events and a 99% item return rate. From starting your side hustle to ruling an industry,

Rentals: Chexology allows you to rent out anything you can think up. We make the lending process painless for you to keep track of limitless outbound items by combining our patented mobile app with the power of NFC tags.

To learn more about the powerful hospitality tools designed by Chexology, please visit our website:


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