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Here's why every conveyor coat rack should have Chexology

Conveyor coat racks are primarily used in dry cleaners and laundry services that handle large volumes of garments. Due to emerging technologies and the scale of modern-day museums and event spaces, conveyor coat racks are finding new life in some incredible locations.

Conveyor racks, also known as “moving shelves,” are popping up in the new construction of large nightclubs, restored historic concert venues, event centers, and museums. These horse-track conveyor belt arrangements maximize space and allow a small staff to cycle through hundreds of coats quickly.

Pairing these steel contraptions with a nimble iOS app, like Chexology, takes these tried and true machines to the next level. Chexology works closely with conveyor manufacturers and construction teams to help clients maximize the design of their checkrooms.

Chexlogy benefits everyone!

Speed check conveyor

Adding chexology to an existing conveyor getup increases speed and convenience for your customers and staff. Instead of an elementary start and stop button, With a simple tap, Chexology allows the operator to bring a specific item around and stop before you. It’s technology that outperforms paper.

Witness the speed of one staff member returning seven coats:

Five benefits of using Chexology and conveyor coat racks

  • Increase efficiency

Chexology's ticketless iOS app is faster than existing coatroom systems. With the addition of a conveyor coat rack, you can significantly increase the speed and efficiency. It speeds up long lines, and the conveyor system moves personal belongings from one location to another, allowing coats to be transported automatically without needing unnecessary labor.

  • Reduce staff costs

Automating a coat check with Chexology and a conveyor system can reduce the number of staff required to move coats and backpacks, potentially leading to reduced costs.

  • Improve organization

Thanks to Chexology's reusable NFC tags we can help businesses keep track of their inventory by automatically moving items to designated storage areas. This can help to improve the organization and reduce the risk of lost or misplaced items.

  • Increase capacity

Our team has gathered a number of tips and tricks to help you maximize your coat room (which you will learn about here). Conveyor coat racks can take that to another level by increasing the amount of clothing a museum or concert venue can store and process.

  • Reduce damaged and lost items

Conveyor coat racks can help to reduce the risk of damage to coats and other personal items, as they eliminate the need for manual handling and reduce the risk of garments getting caught or snagged.

How can our team be of service?

Chexology has worked intimately with clients in various industries and would be happy to share our expertise with you! Whether you’re in the process of planning a major construction or looking to maximize an existing coatroom, Chexology delivers a one-of-a-kind experience. Learn how Chexology can elevate your coatroom by visiting our coat check page!


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