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How Conveyor Systems and Chexology's Handheld Technology are Transforming Efficiency

The future of coat checks undoubtedly lives in software. Thanks to the synergy between conveyor systems and Chexology's handheld technology, we are noticing a transformation that redefines efficiency and convenience. This innovative solution holds immense potential for various industries, whether museums, corporate headquarters, or large-scale concert venues.

New construction conveyor system

Did you know that the conveyor system at your local dry cleaners has been around since the early 1900s? Their ability to stand the test of time is a testament to their design. Yet, in this modern era where technology is rapidly reshaping various industries, Chexology, a pioneering company that hit the scene during an episode of ABC's Shark Tank, has introduced the conveyor checkroom to entirely new industries using their cutting-edge iOS apps to help drive conveyors and keep track of guest belongings.

Let's explore how one dead-simple iPad (and iPhone) app has unlocked these behemoth machines and breathed new life into a neglected hospitality amenity, the coatroom.

(The video above shows how fast Chexology can return items when paired with a conveyor system.)

Conveyor Systems: A Game-Changer for Coat and Bag Checkrooms

For over a century, conveyor equipment manufacturers have been a staple for dry cleaners, warehouses, and hotel laundry services. However, thanks to modern advancements, these backroom systems are finally seeing their day in the sun, significantly streamlining the coat check process, and expanding their reach into the customer service and hospitality worlds.

“We want to eliminate the line,” says Derek Pacqué, Founder and CEO of Chexology. “We achieve this through the speed of our ticketless iOS app. Our research has proven that a well-run conveyor coat check team can return items in as little as 6.4 seconds! Our design allows businesses to move crowds. Big crowds!”

Linking conveyors with Chexology's technology not only saves time but also saves on labor costs while adding a list of values to both businesses and their customers.

Using the power of iPad-based kiosks and portable iPhones and combining them with Chexology's unique NFC technology enables a few attendants to efficiently track hundreds of coats, bags, and luggage at any given time. This modern system allows large-scale cloakrooms to operate with a skeleton crew.

  • Speed significantly reduces customer wait times

  • Eliminates cost from recurring paper tickets

  • Experience fewer misplaced items

  • Increased confidence in returning correct items with text and optional customer photo matching

  • Maximizes storage capacity

  • Digitized inventory you can view at a glance

  • Eco-friendly system requires no paper

  • Increased labor efficiency reduces staff hours

  • Gain valuable insights on users, trends, peak hours, and inventory

  • Contactless for a post-pandemic world

  • Creates a "Wow!" factor with customers

Modern conveyor system running on iOS

Why Chexology chose Apple's iOS System

Apple's apps are renowned for being user-friendly for both young and old. Because of this, Chexology felt this was the ideal platform to build their system. Chexology's research showed that running their software on iPads and iPhones allowed new industries to adopt conveyor cloak check systems more quickly and with a familiarity that easily onboarded new staff.

“If our team’s grandparents and children can understand Chexology’s user interface, so can everyone else,” mentions Derek.

Apple sets high standards regarding security features, software design, and encryption. Apple reviews each iOS app update Chexology submits to ensure it meets stability and safety standards that protect your business; this means fewer crashes, bugs, and headaches for you and your team.

(The video above shows how easily Chexology's iPad system checks items in and out.)

Conveyor Systems Enhancing Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Whether your looking to contract with one of the top conveyor companies or retrofit an existing one, combining industrial conveyors with Chexology's iOS technology allows clients to create a pleasant experience that improves efficiency and customer satisfaction. To achieve this harmony, a lot of field testing, user feedback, and design went into making Chexology's platform feel intuitive.

Chexology has perfected this system over the last decade, intimately working with its clients in various industries to build a check-in and checkout experience that is second to none. Chexology has conducted countless case studies and UX Design surveys that have benefited many Fortune 500 companies in maximizing their investment: their customers. From museums to law offices to corporate headquarters, Chexology has seen it, and they put that experience behind their next big project.

“One month in, [we] set a new attendance record and had no lines! It was an extraordinary turnaround.” Director of Security @ a modern art museum

With the Chexology platform, cloakroom and coat check attendants can scan the reusable NFC tags attached to each hanger using their iOS devices or tag readers, retrieving and storing customer information digitally. This ticketless process eliminates the need for cumbersome paper logs and lost stubs, reducing human error, time, and waste.

Best of all, the customer isn't required to download anything. They receive a secure, personalized text message as confirmation and the peace of mind that no one can claim their valuables without proof of their phone number or PIN.

corporate office cloak check system

Chexology's Conveyor System Experience is Second to None

Chexology's innovation goes beyond its handheld platform. Recently their experienced team worked to shape the coatroom designs for White & Case in New York City and Live Nation concert hall in Boston. To accomplish this, Chexology drew from decades of custom designs, considering the most minor of details, like how high racks should be to maximize your footprint.

Chexology has also worked with countless conveyer belt manufacturers in the USA and can share recommendations for hiring the best conveyor company to fit your needs. They can even work with you to retrofit an existing conveyor system with their software.

The Future of Conveyor Cloak Checks lives in the Software you Power it with

As we look ahead, the convergence of conveyor manufacturers with Chexology's iPad technology paves the way for a new era in coat check, luggage check, and package check management. Chexology's innovative solution sets a benchmark for the industry, providing efficient and secure services that enhance customer satisfaction.

The integration of conveyor systems and handheld technology not only streamlines operations but also reduces the environmental impact. The elimination of paper tickets and inefficient storage systems aligns with our collective goals of sustainability and responsible resource management.

If you'd like to learn more about how Chexology can reinvent your conveyor coat room, here are some resources you may find helpful.

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