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JetBlue Airlines - JFK NYC Airport Terminal

Client profile: JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue has made a point of standing out amongst the many airlines in the United States. From design to customer service, its mission has been to bring humanity back to air travel. JetBlue always aims to please, whether by providing customers with ease of travel or giving back to communities through philanthropic activities.

The service

One of the worst parts of flying is deciding what to wear to the airport. The temperature where you depart is never the same as where you’ll arrive. For the snowbirds in New York, flying somewhere warm as the weather gets colder is a common occurrence. But should you dress warm to the airport and lug around a coat, or brave the elements and freeze in transit? JetBlue knew this was a question that should be addressed.

Keeping in line with its commitment to provide superior customer service, JetBlue implemented the first-ever, post-security ticket-less coat check. Of course, Chexology (formally known as CoatChex) was pleased to be of service. Chexology opened its technology inside the JetBlue terminal, allowing travelers the luxury of safely leaving those heavy coats behind. From the first flight in until the last flight out, service availability gives travelers trustworthy storage whenever they decide to leave and return to the Big Apple.

Our results

This first-of-its-kind service gives JetBlue’s customers yet another perk to keep them flying high above other airlines. Plus, travelers aren’t the only ones happy with Chexology. Because of this premium offering, JetBlue is now freeing up overhead bins and reducing the weight of its planes, saving money on fuel costs. Who knew it was possible to lose weight around the holidays?


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