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Shark Tank Recap

As the popularity of ABC's Shark Tank continues to soar, one name stands out as a beacon of support for the entrepreneurs who make their pitch to the show's panel of investors. That name is Andrew Smith, the creator, and mastermind behind the popular website

Since the website's inception, Andrew has dedicated his free time to tracking every business that has graced the Shark Tank stage. Shark Tank Recap not only provides an extensive database detailing every pitch and the reactions of the investors, but he also follows up with Shark Tank survivors, keeping fans up to date on their favorite entrepreneurs. It's this dedication to the site's archive that has made the go-to resource for fans of the show.

Derek Pacqué had the pleasure of hearing from Andrew just last week as he inquired about an update to CoatChex (now Chexology). Derek shared a few details about his time on Shark Tank and a recap of all of the exciting things Chexology has been up to since the show aired. You can view the updated CoatChex page from Shark Tank Recap by clicking here.

What sets Shark Tank Recap apart from the rest of the Shark Tank sites out there is not only the level of detail put into maintaining a reliable database but his commitment to supporting the businesses that appear on the show. With his frequent updates, regular newsletters, and in-depth analyses of how these businesses are faring, Andrew has become a vital resource for Shark Tank wannabes looking to learn from the experiences of others.

Andrew, who refers to himself as the "Editor-in-Cheif" at Shark Tank Recap, has become a well-known figure within the Shark Tank community. His website has kept past Shark Tank guest appearances in the limelight, and for that, we want to thank him. Shark Tank has been such a big part of our team's DNA, and we love the continued support fans have shared with our team over the years. It's heartwarming to know there are still good people out there keeping our story alive. Thanks, Andrew!

As Shark Tank continues to inspire and captivate audiences, Andrew Smith and his growing website continue to play an important part in the fabric of the show's history. If you have yet to visit, we encourage you to pay a visit. It's a fun website to snoop around in and get lost. There are so many great Shark Tank episodes out there, and it's fun to see where these businesses' masterminds are now.

For a full interview on Derek's experience of pitching CoatChex on Shark Tank, please visit The Story of CoatChex.


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