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2023 team retreat: A year of growth, unity, and Nashville BBQ sauce

By Kendra Anthony

Chexology's journey throughout 2023 has been quite a ride, filled with growth, meaningful connections, and a deepening commitment to our core values. As a remote company based in the bustling heart of New York, we take great pride in our distinct company culture, where the unique character of each team member contributes to our shared identity. This culture isn't etched in stone; it evolves organically from within each of us, reflecting the diverse backgrounds and experiences we bring to the table. This year, we've witnessed this culture flourish in profound ways as we've welcomed new team members and celebrated the power of unity.

One of the absolute highlights of our year was our unforgettable company retreat in the vibrant city of Nashville. Since we're a remote team scattered across the country, this event provided a priceless opportunity for many of our newer team members to meet their colleagues face-to-face. We firmly believe in the value of forging connections and building strong bonds, and this retreat exemplified these principles beautifully.

Our time in Nashville took us on a delightful culinary journey, where we savored mouthwatering BBQ and discovered the city's hidden gems. Whether we were dancing the night away on Broadway, testing our skills on a mechanical bull, showcasing our karaoke talents, or engaging in a friendly game of bowling or cards, we reveled in the spirit of togetherness.

As Chexology continues to expand and thrive, our commitment remains unwavering as we embrace and celebrate the unique qualities that each team member brings to our collective tapestry. Our journey in 2023 has revolved around strengthening our relationships, both within our team and with our valued clients. We're genuinely excited about what the future holds and the new opportunities that await us as we uphold our cherished values and continue to evolve as a company.

You can bet we're already eagerly looking forward to the adventures that await us in the coming year.


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