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Circa Resort & Casino | Las Vegas

Circa transforms luggage storage with Chexology and ALICE integration.

Circa Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is a 35-story, 777-room all-new integrated resort concept that opened in December 2020. It is the first new downtown Las Vegas property in many years that aims to revitalize and transform the downtown area.

Since implementing Chexology’s ALICE integration, the Circa bell team has decreased wait times to check guests’ luggage by 25%, helping to achieve Circa’s guest experience goals.

As the resort ramped up for its opening, Will Baez, hotel manager at Circa, knew his team required new technologies to modernize the resort, support its mission, and revolutionize the guest experience.

“When you ask guests to pay a certain rate to stay here and you project the property as technology forward and market it as the future of Las Vegas, there’s something off-putting about ‘but here’s your paper ticket.’“

Using Chexology for bell desk operations, Circa guests receive their claim number via a branded and personalized text confirmation that serves as their digital claim ticket. As a result, the mobile-friendly process eliminates the need for guests to hold on to a single-use paper ticket—a dated practice.

The Circa bell team captures photographs of guest belongings through the secure Chexology app to ensure the correct personal items match the right guests. The staff easily match items and quickly return valuables to their rightful owner.

Baez and his team were so pleased with this digital-first approach they wanted to take it a step further. They approached Chexology about developing an integration with ALICE, Circa’s hotel operations software, to improve the overall luggage check process.

ALICE and Chexology immediately went to work. The teams met to walk through Circa’s objectives, ideal workflow, and different use cases.

“We're growing together and integrating together,” said Baez. “The team was great. They were receptive, pushed back on things as they should, and made sure to accommodate our needs. That back and forth helped the teams collaboratively develop a solution that addressed our needs, problem-solved our challenges, and delivered great results.”

Through the Chexology and ALICE integration, the Circa bell team can quickly search for a guest’s reservation and associate their belongings to their profile. The data is stored in the system so bell staff can easily search guests’ items, claim numbers, and storage locations. This gives everyone on the team the confidence to serve guests well while saving time, money, and increasing productivity.

Baez added, “Anytime someone loses a paper claim ticket, it causes a back-up, guests are frustrated and your team has to spend time searching for the missing items. There is no efficient way to deal with that situation. None. With Chexology, we no longer have that problem. It’s a win-win.”

Additionally, the Chexology and ALICE integration allows bell staff to communicate directly with guests through SMS text messages, which improves workflows, reduces response times, and provides a more efficient guest-centric experience. Guests can request luggage delivery to their room or let the bell desk know when they will pick up their items.

“It’s a seamless process,” said Baez. “Guests let us know when they would like their belongings delivered to their room. They just text, ‘I'll have my bags now’ or ‘please deliver.’ We have a team who promptly looks at that, quickly responds to the guest, and queues it on Chexology. The bellman accepts the assigned task and goes right up to the room with the luggage. Everything is turnkey and centralized in one place.”


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